Word games

Blake doesn’t understand the difference between an orange and orange juice.  Now, I occasionally make fresh oj in the mornings with our juicer, so I think watching the oranges magically turn into juice has contributed to the confusion.  The other day he asked and asked for orange juice.  I was peeling oranges for juicing.  So, when I finished making the juice I handed him a cup.  He got all hysterical asking for orange juice.  While I’m trying to keep my cool (and figure out why I feel such a strong urge to match his hysterical tone) I explain over and over, “This IS orange juice Blake”.  I finally realize that he wants an orange, not orange juice.

So today, ready to teach, I present B with 2 objects.  One is an orange, the other is a glass of orange juice.  The conversation goes something like this:

Me: “Blake, this is an orange, can you say orange?”

Blake: “Orange juice”

Me: “No, this is just an orange, can you say orange?”

Blake: “Orange juice”

Me:  “THIS is orange juice (point to drink), you drink orange juice.  THIS is an orange (point to fruit).  You eat an orange.  Say orange”

Blake: “Orange juice please”


Blake: (smiling) “Orange juice”



2 thoughts on “Word games

  1. You are such a great mom (and person). My kids would NEVER have this issue because they believe that orange juice comes from a can in the freezer…which it does at my house. We did have a long discussion about oranges and clementines, though…

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