The stuff of life

I have embarked on my favorite hobby ever.  For Christmas, my parents gave me these 2 machines:

The Nutrimill Wheat Grinder and the Bosch Kitchen Machine.  Um, wow.  I circled them for days.  It took me awhile to even figure out for sure what these machines were capable of. “Kitchen Machine”??  What is that supposed to mean anyways?   They terrified me.

My mom wasn’t coming out of left field.  She remembered when I read In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan.  His philosophy on food is simple: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.  I highly recommend it, it was eye opening.  The most startling chapter in the book was about bread.  He documented the evolution of bread, leading up to the stuff sold at grocery stores now that looks just like bread.  In fact, I recently learned that based on FDA guidelines before 1977 (they were changed that year), most of the bread sold in our grocery stores today should be officially labeled “imitation food”.  Anyways, I digress.  Mom heard what I thought of all this, and she knew that after some research I found that I could not afford to make my own wheat flour and bread.  So here we are.

The Nutrimill is a wheat grinder.  Well, actually, it will grind any dry grain like rye, barley, oats, or corn.  It is so simple (I was embarrassed to realize this after being so overwhelmed with it at first).  You simply pour the wheat berries in the top and it makes flour in the bottom compartment!  Like so:

Then, you take a simple whole wheat bread recipe with simple ingredients like wheat flour, water, honey, oil, salt, and yeast.  And you let the Bosch do the kneading, like this:

In that picture it still has a ways to go.  It needed much more flour and kneading, but eventually it looked like a giant lump of dough being shoved around the bowl.  And here is the final product:

I haven’t perfected this yet, but I plan to.  When my Colleen came to town last weekend, we decided to think outside of the bread box and come up with some other recipes using the wheat flour.  We made wheat pancakes with blueberries, apple cranberry cookies, and carrot cake.  Since then I have modified the wheat bread recipe and made jalapeno cheese bread and cinnamon bread.  I have some bananas on my counter and walnuts in my pantry begging me to make banana nut bread.  Yessssssss.


5 thoughts on “The stuff of life

  1. You’re on a roll!! Man.. I’m kinda jealous. I love baking and bread making, and I’d love to learn how to use that. Though, in my opinion, kneading the bread is like the BESSST part of making bread, next to the eating. i guess it’s because my grandma taught me how to make it, and kneading was always my job, and so not I love it:)
    I’m so glad you figured it out- the bread looks INCREDIBLE, as do the others:)

  2. I need to hear more! What is the time frame that it takes to make this bread? It looks so delish, by the way! Did you use both machines for this?

    I am fascinated, jealous and curious!!!!!

    • You crack me up Summer. I believe it took me about 3.5 hours from start to finish. But 1 hour of that was the bread rising and about 40 minutes was it baking-so it’s not constant work. I think it will get quicker as I figure things out better. And the recipe makes about 5-6 loaves, so at least I come out with alot of bread for the time I spent on it. The bread can be frozen, and I happily just found out that it is just as good once defrosted as if it hadn’t been frozen at all! I can also freeze the wheat flour once it’s ground, so I don’t have to make flour every time I need to make bread. You have to freeze it because fresh wheat flour will start to lose it’s nutritional value within about a day of being ground if kept at room temp. Isn’t that crazy? I’m all done buying bread! And this weekend I made chocolate chip cookies with the wheat flour and they were delish! I hope to soon be done buying those at the store too, along with pizza dough (which is my next adventure).

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