Dear Awesome Pink Boots,

I love you, I really do.  I have been eyeing you on Boden’s website since last August.  You are a very special symbol of the fact that my husband spoils me and loves me.  I want to wear you every day.  But, here’s the thing.

You WILL conform to my foot.  You are leather, and therefore, supposedly, pliable.  I refuse to return you because you are not available anymore in any other sizes, and I love you in this size and color.  Whatever it is in your heel that keeps causing the back of my heel to hurt will stretch, and you will soon feel like my favorite slippers.  You will, if it kills us both.  It might.


4 thoughts on “Dear Awesome Pink Boots,

  1. so help me out here–what does one wear with said awesome pink boots? I’m not questioning their awesomeness at all…just curious because I am obviously not cool enough. Or I would know the answer to my question. I just kinda get a Wonder Woman vibe from them and I can’t help but wonder if a unitard might be involved…once you break them in you could save the world in them.

    • Well, since moving to Maryland and refusing to wear coats, I have fallen deeply in love with boots. They are shoes that keep you warm. As for the pink ones, I wear them over jeans (must be “skinny” jeans to work) or with tights and a tunic or long sweater. Oh! Or with skirts, especially my blue jean skirt and tights. Maybe I’ll send you a picture, since I love them so much. It’s not that you’re uncool. You live in a land where you never have to actually pack away your flip flops. That’s a concept I can’t grasp.

      • I think you should devote a whole post to outfit options designed around awesome pink boots. I’m sure there are many out there that could benefit from that PSA.

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