Baby, it’s cold outside

We’re snowed in today.  Like, 20 inches of snow.  It’s lovely being forced inside with your family and not having the option to leave the house for anything.  I’m not being sarcastic.  I really think it’s been fantastic.  The snow is beautiful and as long as I don’t have to touch it, I love it.  Which brings me to the point of this post.  I’m usually not forced to pull out my coat until January.

I have a personal anti-coat policy.  I dislike them.  This is what I feel like in a coat:

When you have an itch, say, on your shoulder blade and you’re wearing a coat, you can’t reach it.  If you walk into a store with that ridiculous contraption, you then become all hot and balmy and need to take it off and carry it around until you leave.  When you leave the store, you have to put it on until you get to your car.  Then, you get in your car with your coat on (cause you don’t want to take it off just for the few minutes it takes to get to the next place) and you have to manuever your seatbelt around it (don’t even get me started on buckling your toddler into a carseat with a coat on).  Then you get hot, but you’re driving and have your seatbelt on so you just have to suck it up til you get where you’re going.  Not to mention that you can hardly move your arms around.

Then you get an itch on your shoulder blade.

These are seriously only a few of the reasons I dislike coats.  I know some of you think that it’s a plus that coats can be stylish and cute, but 1. so is my outfit that it is completely hiding and 2. not the ones that actually keep you warm.  For it to really keep you warm, you just end up looking like the kid above.

All this to say, I can manage to only pull out my coat about 10 times in a winter at most (and yet I’ve already worn it 3 this year!).  I simply run real fast from car to place to place.  I also refuse to be outside for any reason for more than 3 minutes. I’m not necessarily endorsing this behavior, it’s ridiculous.  And I’m clumsy, so being in a hurry all the time in combination with snow and ice is a wee bit dangerous.   This incessant cold, though, so early in winter, has me concerned.  I gave in Friday and wore my coat and BOY did it make me grumpy.  Everything seemed so much more complicated.  So I decided that my anti-coat stance was right on.  And then we get this blizzard.  Ugh.

I’m ok with staying inside ’til April.  I really just think it’s best.


7 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. Jaime is so right…maybe you should reconsider because of whre you live. I had to do a lot of coat shopping to find some I liked and could handle in Maine, but I was no good at being a coat girl.
    The year I was pregnant was FAB because I had a built in heater 🙂 No coat necessary. went to the hospital at 13 below ZERO and refused the stupid thing. My nose froze, but a coat wouldnt’ have helped that anyway. See ya in April, sis.

  2. This is hilarious. Growing up in Maryland, wearing a coat was not optional. Every time you talk about winter (and your feelings about it) I’m reminded that there are people who come from places that don’t have winter. It’s weird. I’m very pro-coat, and I love to bundle up in my stylish, warm, easy-to-maneuver-in coat. 😛

    I think I’m seeing you Tuesday! I’ll be there in my coat.

  3. Just to let you know what you are missing today… 65 degrees and sunshine. (rubbing your nose in it!) Ahhh… Texas.

    I love catching up with you and the boys via your blog. It always makes me smile! : ) Love you guys!

  4. I’m TOTALLY anti-coat as well! I can’t tell you how many times I hear “where’s your coat???” Okay people, mind your own business! It’s sitting on the front seat of my car because I have a husband who insists that I at least carry it along with my in case the car breaks down. I hear myself telling my son the same thing, just because I know that said husband would glare at me if the car broke down and neither myself OR my son had a coat with us. I can’t stand to wear a coat when I drive, and it’s ridiculous to put it on to run from the car to the store where I’d just have to take it off and carry it, or sweat to death!

    All that said, there are some awfully cute coats our there! I do have to stop myself from buying them, reasoning with myself that I’d never wear them!

    Ah, the paradox…

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