All I want for Christmas is YOU

That’s right Stuart Hill.  I’m talking about you.  And even though this blog has a Christmas title, today we are celebrating your birthday.  I’m guessing you’re used to that by now.  On this, your 33rd birthday, I would like to tell you again how grateful I am to have you as my husband and Blake’s father.  You are amazing.

I need to brag about my husband for a moment.  One of my dear friends who has 4 darling children put this together for Stu.  I know this will be one of his favorite presents because he is of the wise opinion that children are our most precious gifts.  Therefore the things that come from the mouths of babes mean the world to him.  Here’s what her 4 had to say about “Mr. Stuart”.

33 Things that Describe Mr. Stuart

(annotated with the initial of the child who said it)

1.       He’s so nice – A

2.       He’s handsome – C

3.       He’s shaves his head bald – C and R

4.       He’s young – C

5.       He says nice things to us, like I’m so sweet – A

6.       He has a nice family – R

7.       He married a good, young woman – C

8.       He made a good choice – A

9.       He has a great baby – A

10      He’s an awesome dad to his son, Blake – C and R

11.     He’s playful – C

12.     He’s great in football – R

13.     He’s a great quarterback – R and A

14.     He likes Japanese food – C

15.     He’s intelligent – C

16.     He’s kid-loving – C

17.     He does a good job on decorating the house – C

18.     He’s sweet – A

18.     He’s a smart scientist – C

20.     He’s awesome – R

21.     He’s cool – A

22.     He plays with me – R

23.     He always says that we look good – C

24.     He made me do the gun show – R

25.     He throws amazing passes – C

26.     . . . but he dropped the pass of Daddy’s – R

27.     He works close to his home – C

28.     His family lives in Texas – C

29.     It’s amazing that he ran a half marathon – R

30.     He might be the best daddy in the world next to mine – R

31.     He’s an Aggie – C

32.     He has the Wolverine beard – R

33.     We’re so glad he’s in our life – All of us!


One thought on “All I want for Christmas is YOU

  1. gag…
    just kidding.
    I send a mushy one and ty send one before school.
    You are a fab wife, my dear sister. Keep it up…
    love, d

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