Is there a Christmas Carol about pneumonia?

I’m just saying maybe there should be since it has become our family tradition.  As you can see in the last post, I have suspected something was wrong for several days.  My Mommy Neuroticism  paid off again.  Blake is coming down with it just like last year, and just like last year, we caught it very early and it will most likely be a non-issue thanks to antibiotics, steroids, and albuterol.  Sigh of relief.  He really is the best sick baby though.  I know I have said it a million times, but I always find it so humbling to watch him deal with stuff like this.  He’s the toughest boy.  I am of the opinion that his pain tolerance should be studied.

I also find myself, today especially, unimaginably grateful to be blessed with medical insurance.  Our system might have its flaws, but  I think it’s still important to be grateful for what we do have.  Being able to bring him in every time he seems a little sick has probably prevented some much more serious complications.  Had we not had the luxury of a simple co-pay, I would have waited until this was urgent.

Hopefully he will have the pneumonia, and the many  hours of Wonder Pets out of his system by Christmas.  I have a feeling the Wonder Pets might be harder to kick than the infection.



4 thoughts on “Is there a Christmas Carol about pneumonia?

  1. “Though Your Nose Gets A Chillin”? . . . that sweet baby boy. We do hope he’s back to 100% super soon! We just love him! And you!

  2. I have tried and tried to get my scanner to work to put up tyler’s 2 year old year of breathing treatments…gosh…blake loolks so much like him and we were forcing him to open and presents.. it was awful!
    anyway…I found a little frosty the snowman tonight and I’m amiling it to Blake tomorrow for Stu’s bday…heehee
    I don’t quiet have Stu covered.

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