Friends are calling “yoo hoo!”

For those of you near and dear enough to know my home phone number, I have an important announcement: 

Dont bother leaving me a voicemail there. 

 I just checked the voicemail on my house phone to find 18 messages waiting for me.  It’s like a time capsule, and as I listen I can recall important moments in my personal history.  But unfortunately, those of you who called more than a month ago and left me a callback request probably think you got blown off.  You didn’t.  I wish I could isolate just the ones from my Dad and play them for you, they are the best.  One time, in college, my Dad sang all of “Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone” on my answering machine.  I had roommates, so it was especially entertaining. 

I have gotten to hang out with many friends this week (the ones who tried my cell phone), and it has been a blast.  Lisa and Amber stayed here Monday night (BTW, her biopsy was good and she got to go home to Cali yesterday!).  Christy and I have chosen to have brie and hot chocolate for dinner 2 days in a row, all while seeing how fast we can watch season 4 of Alias.  And tonight Blake and I got to watch Here Comes Santa Claus for the first time at the Land of Fahs.  Ava asked if the clay-mation people were robots.  Bahaha.  Kids these days. 

While I’m regaling you with stories, let me tell you a totally unrelated one that happened just yesterday. 

While loading groceries, I walked dead on into the open rear door of my van.  I had backed the van into the spot, so while I was on the sidewalk I wasn’t standing at the same level I normally am with it.  I saw stars, and I am not exaggerating.  I tried to find my phone and had a vision of me passing clear out on the sidewalk while my son plays happily in his car/grocery cart thingie.  The knot on my head is still angry.  I wonder if anyone saw me.


3 thoughts on “Friends are calling “yoo hoo!”

  1. I laugh at your story only because I may or may not have done that very same thing. It’s the hidden dangers of minivans that no one really talks about. They’re so worth it though.

  2. Jamie is right…everyone has at least one story of the minivan HIT and if you keep it over 3 years (aprx), you will hit it again. Just the way it goes.
    The voicemail on the phone thing is funny, cause I might have had one or two on there. So i”ve had people ask me why I keep it on my service plan. It actually would raise the cost of my phone to take it off! It’s like that bundle dealy…
    fabulous…Once I had like 40…which is just fabulous that Verizon will let you even have that many 🙂
    love ya sis…daina

  3. Add dangerous to the list of why not to buy a minivan.

    You had to have seen that one coming. 🙂 That’s all I will ever say about the subject ever again I promise. I’m done. I know you’re happy.

    I should spend more time posting my own entries than I do making comments huh. And it wasn’t cheating, just creative. 🙂

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