Not a creature was stirring…

I’m the last one awake in the house. 

I need to remedy that.

Since I have no riviting stories today, I will brag about my son for a moment.  He has an ear infection.  He doesn’t know how to feel sorry for himself yet, so he’s in a pretty good mood. Tonight was a little going away party for our dear friend OC, who will be deployed Tuesday.   We met at a wine bar (which turned out to be more of a bar than restarant-not one highchair to be found).   So I felt like the girl in that scene from Sweet Home Alabama, “You have a baby.  In a bar.”  Anyways, I decided we would just drop by to wish OC good things, and my child played happily on his little barstool for 3 hours.  He let me sit and eat and have a glass of wine, and although he was not completely self sufficient, I was totally impressed.  He’s pretty awesome.

And now I sleep.



2 thoughts on “Not a creature was stirring…

  1. this is just the sort of time when you drop your darling baby off at your friend’s house so we can all enjoy him! 🙂 and if it was that wine bar that is literally down the street from my house, then (1) he really should’ve come to be with us and (2) i wanna know all about it!

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