Merry Christmas Darling

Stu asked me to please clean out my junk drawer.

Done.  What now?


7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Darling

  1. Junk? I see no junk. I see a Weight Watchers calculator, some Mary Kay foundation, a bandaid, a fabulous long lighter (loves those for Yankee Candles), lots of tape, a whole 24-box of Crayons, lotion, some Opi silver nail polish, some festive bright blue nail polish, some markers, some paint . . . not one piece of junk in the pile! And on top of that, you’ve created a little “I Spy” game for your friends who are trying to avoid their work. Love it!

  2. Classic Ladd sarcasm. This is why we are such good friends. I love it. I use to try stuff like that when I was a kid and for some reason my mom and dad never really found the humor in it all. Wonder why.

  3. oh and I spy a green crayola marker, either a bath and boy works wall flower or a nightlight, an upside down button, a pair of nippers, an electronic charger of some sort and some loose change and an earring.

  4. Willing to bet he saw humor for only a few minutes if any…I’m too tired to play I spy because it looks just like my junk drawer and even some of it is stuff I left at your house…awesome by the way.
    This is why I don’t ask you to come help me clean. 🙂

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