How lovely are thy branches!

Yup, we got a Christmas tree.  This our 7th Christmas as Man and Wife and our first tree.  It’ s been a point of contention for years, but the important thing is, I won (there’s really not ever I time that I don’t think that’s important).  It might be fake, but it’s here.  (Baby steps)

And, since I’m pulling pictures off my cell phone (and lacking in good blog material), check out our first snow of the year.

However, I feel that need to point out that no matter how pretty this looked from inside my house, it is frozen water. The grocery store trip I needed to make in this produced one soppy, cold housewife.  I still hold to my theory being outside in a place where water is freezing mid-air is just unnatural.  Beautiful, yes, but unnatural.


One thought on “How lovely are thy branches!

  1. I distinctly remembering Stuart telling me that the true key to marriage is to always win or at least let you all, as in the wives, THINK you won. So enjoy your “victory.” 🙂 Just kidding. The snow is in fact beautiful and I wish ours had stayed around for just a little while longer. I missed the first two days of the challenge, but I am on board now, and about to enter my first post shortly.

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