Joy to the World!

Hey, what’s that shiny thing?  Look over there?  That thing!  This is me trying to distract you from the fact that I miss the very first (gasp) day of the December Blog Challenge. If I could figure out how to adjust the clock on my blog, I would totally do it to try to trick you into believing I did this at 11:30pm last night.  Anyways, let’s move past this, shall we?

Meet Lisa.  Lisa knows joy.  She knows that her happiness can not be circumstantial because life is rough.  She gives me perspective when I want to complain.  I met Lisa at Johns Hopkins one of those times Mom was in the hospital.  I was feeling especially sorry for myself because I had sat up in the ER all night in Columbia, and it had taken 5 hours to get her transferred to Hopkins in Baltimore.  I was a mess.  And here sits Lisa, who strikes up a conversation.  I find out that Lisa lives in California and had traveled, (months before) all the way to Baltimore to have a kidney transplant after 7 years of dialysis.  She had had complications that actually made a kidney transplant look like an impossible dream, until this doctor at Hopkins came along.  He was able to help.  And a perfect stranger was willing to give her a kidney.  Wow.  Lisa has 2 boys at home, who have, for most of their life, known their mom as a very sick person.  In addition, Lisa’s mom is in remission from cancer.  When I met Lisa, she had come for her 6 month check up.  Her biopsy had showed signs of rejection, so on the day she was scheduled to fly back home, she was hospitalized.  Alone.  Can you imagine?  She was given a treatment of anti-rejection drugs and steroids and has to come back now pretty regularly to see how they’re working.

She’s here again for a biopsy (Wednesday) and stayed at Hotel Hill last night.  She brought a friend from Cali, Amber, who has also blessed me immensely just by being here and being who she is.  They’re going on to her hotel near the hospital today, which probably has better housekeeping services.

I need you to pray for Lisa, and for her kidney.  Please join me in asking God to heal this kidney of any scar tissue, or inflammation.  I pray that she’s able to go home to her boys on Friday morning healthy and happy.

I am so grateful to God for the gift of joy, which He gives us in order to thrive at times like this.  And am grateful that if we start to forget about that gift, He will send along a gentle reminder.



4 thoughts on “Joy to the World!

  1. I would say that having a seemingly perfect stanger stay in your home can excuse your lateness on your blog…I’m so bless to call you my sister and have prayed for Lisa this morning.
    Meeting some of those people up at the hospital was an emotional experience, but taking it one step further shows the oversized heart and picture of Jesus that you are.
    I love you. daina

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