December Blog Challenge

Get ready.  I’m doing it again.  Jamie has started recruiting challengers to participate this year, and you should play too.  Read about it here. Although, I’ll say, I’m not sure I got one of those cool bumper sticker looking things to put in my sidebar.  Not that I would have known how to put it there anyways, but you know.  I guess I missed a few days and Jamie’s pretty hardcore about the rules.  Bah.


3 thoughts on “December Blog Challenge

  1. true–I am nothing if not hardcore, but you should have grabbed the button even if you were lame and didn’t post everyday.

    Said cool button is coming–copy and paste from my blog unless I figure out how to host the image in which case I’ll post the code. Oh my gosh I sound so smart I almost can’t stand it.

    Fa la la la la.

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