Happy Tuesday

Stu recently dissed my blog due to its inactivity.  I took great offense, regardless of the fact that he was right.  So I wondered if, maybe, you would like to see a list of things that I almost have written about, but never did.

I was going to put a blog in the gross chronicles of Blake’s carpet burn.  He likes to slide down the stairs on his belly.  You would think the pain of the strawberry would discourage him, but it really doesn’t.  I wasn’t in town when this one happened, but Pamela and Stu both reported that this one was bad enough that he finally decided to give up belly sliding altogether.  He even grunted for a second like it hurt.  Here ya go:

I was going to put some pictures up in the I heart dinner category, because I have been a part of some amazing dinners recently.  One of the times Mom was in the hospital, the church offered to provide us with meals.  Let me just tell you, the Baptists are not just serving chicken spaghetti anymore (not that I have anything against chicken spaghetti).  Delivered to our door were meals such as Sesame Chicken, Spaghetti with homemade meatballs, Beef Stew, Greek Lemon Chicken, Salad with apples, walnuts, and Brie, and some amazing chicken with leeks and mushrooms in a cream sauce.  One of our deacons called toward the end of the 2 weeks of meals and asked if we needed more.  I told him our crises seemed to be calming down and I didn’t want to take advantage.  I felt like I already had.  This was when he said something I’ll never forget: “Don’t underestimate how much it blesses someone when they get to bless someone else.”  Wow.  I heart my church.

I was going to tell you about our Thanksgiving Fondue.  We had fondue instead of turkey.  It was a blast.  We all gathered around the island in the kitchen and ate for hours (it takes hours when you have to cook each bite individually :-)).

I have also been meaning to tell you what’s happening with Mom.  Her and Dad were not able to make it here for Thanksgiving.  She is back in the hospital in Texas, and things are much the same as they have been for months.  It was so weird for Chris, Daina, and me to be together with our families and no Mom and Dad.  We have never all been together without them.  We really enjoyed our time, since we get so little as a family, but it was bittersweet.

Oh!  I was going to write about my framed fabric project.  My husband built big awesome frames for me out of chair rail and I put some fabric in them and used them to decorate our guest room.  He rocks.  Wish I had a picture for you. 🙂

Now, you are kinda sorta caught up.  Except for the things I forgot.


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