Herb Gordon Nissan

I feel like there are so many more complaints than praises when it comes to dealing with customer service anywhere.  Feel free to go back and read about a few of my less-than-stellar customer service experiences.  But when a company really wows me, I feel like they deserve a giant pat on the back.  I know that making my day is really not the thrill of their lives, but they still put forth such an effort!

Herb Gordon Nissan of Silver Spring, MD is where I will buy all of my cars.  I will just have to learn to love Nissans (I certainly love the one I bought) because I have never before found a car dealership that I love.  Jim Coleman Honda could learn a thing or two from these people.

As many of you know, I LOVE car shopping.  The fact that it’s a slimey business and most people are out to rip you off just increases the excitement level for me.  I take every aspect very seriously and I pretty much float on air during the entire process.  This dealership is the only one that displayed their lowest price upfront (well-their internet price, the price I saw on the windshield was 2k higher).  It was the first one I visited, though, so of course I didn’t believe it.  After compiling my weeks of research and my tedious visits to 7 more dealerships, I found that their price was actually the best deal I could find!  I mean, I really tried, and I could not beat this price.  It helps that it was the car I wanted most.  I was still over budget, though, so they worked with me to get more for my car, and some perks on theirs.

Our saleswoman, Debbie, was awesome.  The finance department was great.  Seriously, everyone was friendly and sincere.  None of that slimey-ness anywhere that you can sense at most car dealerships.  While we waited to deal with financing, Debbie made popcorn for Blake and let him play in the Nissan Cube, so he pretty much thinks it’s Chuck. E. Cheese.   To top things off, I needed work on one of the tires last week.  Wow, I was so impressed with that service department.  Besides throwing in the new tire for free since the car was fairly new, they offered me a loaner car and  switched carseats for me (no small feat).  They really shouldn’t have had to do that, it was a fairly quick job, but I think Keith felt sorry for me trying to wrangle a 2 year old in the waiting area. In fact, the super-nice mechanic who was doomed with the job of unhooking a carseat that my husband had installed spent 20 minutes on it and smiled the whole time.  I even offered him the opportunity to call my perfectionist husband and personally tell him what he thinks of his super duper carseat installation job.  He only laughed.  No cursing whatsoever.  Upon pickup, they drove my car into the garage so we wouldn’t have to switch things out in the rain.  They helped me with the seat again as well.  And when I came back 15 minutes later to tell the nice guy that I left my groceries in the trunk of the loaner, he ran out in the rain to get them for me.  Now that’s service.  With a smile.

I really recommend this place.  I have no stake in this.  But you will walk in and feel like everyone really is happy to help you.  How many places can you say that about?  Ask for Deb. 🙂


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