What happened to my baby??


Because this cannot be the baby I gave birth to 2 short years ago.  This child wears 4T clothes, size 9 shoes, size 7 diapers.  No, this can’t be my baby.  He’s entirely too big. 

That mark on his forehead that turns red and angry when he’s excited will always remind me of the torment we all went through to get him here, and that he is, indeed, mine.  Never does a day go by that I don’t look at that mark and remember the most trying, painful, beautiful, miraculous day of my life so far.  Time is flying by and I am trying to enjoy each second with this amazing blessing.  I just can’t grasp how quickly things are changing.  He doesn’t want me to rock him anymore.  He’ll lay quietly on me for a few minutes in the chair, but no rocking.  That was a decision he made yesterday. 

But just to be clear, he will NOT be using the potty anytime soon.  He made that decision yesterday, too.

Oh Sweet Blake, I love you so.


4 thoughts on “What happened to my baby??

  1. and that big, big boy is SO blessed to have such a wonderful mommy! (don’t worry! God will give you amnesia about the hard parts so you can deliver your next one in forgetful bliss!) happy birthday (a couple days early), blake!

  2. Ok. You just made me cry. No rocking at 2 years old?!?!?! So I only have 20 more months of rocking my sweet baby boy to sleep? but i thought i had 17 yrs and 8 more months of rocking before he left my house. and the worst part – i didn’t rock last night 😦 oh man. i’ve got some lovin and rockin to do before Seth realizes he can make his own decisions.

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