Farewell Baja Fresh!!

For 12 weeks (I actually had to go back in my blog to see when I started) I have been counting points.  Today, I have officially reached my goal weight.  And since I refuse to pay 12 dollars a week for that super nice (read: mean and stingy) lady at Weight Watchers to weigh me and give me stickers, I can only brag here.  I hear that if I had stuck it out with the meetings they would have hooted and hollered and made me a lifetime member.  But I think I would owe, like, $108 in missed meetings.  Instead, I might just buy myself some $100 shoes as a reward for taking the frugal route.  Ohhh, maybe jeans!  Or not, since I know that the moment I get all comfortable in my pre-pregnancy size it will be time to grow another baby.  I mean, we have a minivan now, and Stu says it would only be prudent to fill it up with progeny.  It would be so awesome if Stu and I could take turns with that.  He could spend the next 3 years growing, birthing, feeding a baby, losing pregnancy weight, and then it could be my turn again.  Much easier on the body, I say.

This has been the simplest, most stress-free, rewarding diet experience of my life.  And I’ve been on more than a couple of diets.  The weight loss was not fast, but steady (1.3lbs/week).  I have actually figured out how to manage my indulgences, because if I couldn’t have them I wouldn’t have been successful.  I have proven that I do not need to be a stress-eater anymore, which feels so good.

I have also learned that some restaurants out there are simply out of control.  I have had to say goodbye-forever-to Baja Fresh.  Sad.  I resent them leading me to believe that I was, at least, eating well because it was “fresh”.  The point values of almost EVERYTHING on their menu were shocking.  I think the salsa and guacamole are the only things I could even consider anymore.  Apparently it’s the freshest lard money can buy.  My favorite burrito was 1051 calories/51 grams of fat (24 points-my whole day’s allowance).  The kid’s menu quesadilla I used to feed Blake was 749 calories/27 grams of fat (16 points).  What could they possibly do to that tiny little thing to make it 27 grams of fat??  Anyways, my point is that I was befuddled that the weight wasn’t coming off on it’s own.  I no longer wonder.  I’ll meet you in my dreams, Baja Fresh.


4 thoughts on “Farewell Baja Fresh!!

  1. congratulations on the weight loss. Since I have become a desk jockey I have noticed myself having to try harder and harder to not pack on the pounds. of course as you may have seen in my recent pictures that I need to try harder. I am. So again, congrats.
    That is funny that they would charge you $108 to be a lifetime member as a “reward.” That is sort of like the “membership rewards” program that my AMEX Corporate card tried to enroll me in. They want me to pay $75 to enroll so that I can occasionally get a $25 gift card from Lowe’s. Sounds like a racket to me.
    My Checkers burgers are my weakness. They are the BEST burgers ever, and they are ridiculously unhealthy for you. But it is hard to resist the double champ with cheese with a Mr. Pibb! Like I said though, I am trying.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. So if Baja Fresh was terribly bad, which restaurants are ok to go to? Specifically in Nacogdoches 🙂 That’s awesome that you enjoyed this diet. I know you’ve tried them all. But you still never told me how many points are in a pan of Rice Krispies treats… hehehehe. Ok. For real. I need back to my pre-pregnancy weight so I can go try on wedding dresses!!!!! Maybe I’ll start breastfeeding all the infants in the 78745 zip code. That could help, right? Did you try that diet? HA!
    Love you!

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