How bad is this blog?

I temporarily abandoned my blog.  As you can see in the last couple of posts, I have been writing updates on my mom’s open-heart surgery and recovery on a different blog.  I obviously cannot keep up with 2 blogs.  Heck, I still haven’t folded laundry that was washed 2 weeks ago.  But I will randomly fill you in. 

Even now, I’m not sure what to tell you.  I’m exhausted.  A tad overwhelmed.  I’m the baby of the family, and people in my family don’t usually put me in charge.  Being the one calling the shots in my mother’s recovery is a responsibility I would like to give away.  I’m so ready for her to feel better, but this road is a very long one, and we still have some traveling to do.  I was also so ready to have her out of the hospital, because traveling back and forth, worrying about her care, arranging for childcare, was all very complicated.  But now that we’re home, I would like to have somewhere to go.  I thought this morning how funny that was, since 1.5 weeks ago I was so ready to get to stay at home.  Are we ever content?

Stu is busy being Super Dad.   Pretty much rocking the house.  Thank God for him. 

Daina and Dad show up tomorrow.  I love when help comes to my house. 🙂

I’m getting my hair cut soon.  For some reason this makes the future seem brighter. 

I put on my skinny pants today.  They are tight.  But they are on.  13lbs down.  I heart Weight Watchers.  Not that I go to their ridonk $12 meetings anymore, but I do buy myself stickers sometimes.  This is an especially amazing feat for me because in stressful situations, I’m not one of those people who annoyingly drops weight  (what’s up with that, anyways?).  I’m one of those people who finds some chips and queso and dives right in.  Followed by brownies.  In a stressful situation, I would usually be found face-first in a sheet cake.  I finally feel like I’m in control.  It feels good.  And no, I haven’t given up queso.  Not completely.  It just counts as flex points now.

I’m going to buy a minivan.  No, I’m not pregnant.  I have, however, borrowed my friend’s minivan so many times now, for so many different uses that I think it’s time to just get my own.  The fact that the Element only seats 4 and my mom can’t easily get in and of of it helps to seal the deal.  I have had too much time to research them so I know way too much about all of the vans out there.  Way too much.  The funniest part of this story is that Stu hates buying cars so much that he wants me to do this without him.  He gets all crazy tense and really hinders my negotiation process.  Him staying home is probably best, so he won’t spoil all my fun. 

I’m going to try to do better here, so don’t give up on my blog.


4 thoughts on “How bad is this blog?

  1. No way, Kathy! Love your blog and would never give up on it. Even if you have another one taking more of your computer time. Plus, I openly love minivans, so more power to you! We’ll send positive car negotiation vibes you way!

  2. I love the blog and will keep coming back. The minivan? Well you know how I feel about that. Either way, I wont give up on you Kathy. Speaking of the blog and the minivan sickness that you have come down with, of course.

    The company vehicle that I traverse the Gulf coast in is a fully loaded Chrysler Town and Country and I feel embarrassed every time I sit down in it. Granted the Stow-and Go seating is somewhat convenient, it isn’t near worth me giving up. I know I haven’t had to load any kids in and out of it yet, but I can guarantee you that I wont ever know what that feels like. But enough about minivans already.

    Congratulations on the -13lbs. I myself have been dieting and running my 2 miles everyday. I have cut way back on those delicious McNuggets. Lana and I eat a lot of fish and vegetables nowadays. Sitting behind this desk everyday started to catch up with me. And as much as I love my dad, I wasn’t in a hurry to look like he USED to look. 🙂

    I wish you strength to continue taking care of your mom and the rest of the family and I wish her strength to get better. We are always praying for you guys. We love and miss y’all!

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