Step down

That’s what they call it when they move you out of ICU here, but don’t have you in a regular room yet.  So we are sitting in the family waiting area having one of the family parties that Mom swore we’d been having the whole time she was here.  What she doesn’t know is that until now we have been too exhausted and traumatized to “party”.  We’re feeling a tad more festive now that it feels like she’s making a good step in the right direction.  I have so many stories to tell you, but only a few minutes right now.  Mostly, I’m getting more and more perspective on how precious life is.  It’s been very hard to watch people dealing with their sick children here.  I want to go home and squeeze mine. 

My sister and dad leave tomorrow, and I have my Aunt Sandra ’til Monday.  I don’t really know what will happen after that.  I try not to feel heavy with responsibility, because help keeps arriving just when we need it.  That whole “one day at a time” idea is taking on new meaning.  For now, I’ll just be glad to be away from ICU.  I’ll think about the rest tomorrow. 🙂


One thought on “Step down

  1. Kathryn, don’t worry because I’ll be in MD from Sat -Thurs and I’ll be there to help in any way I can. Blake-sitting, running errands, grocery shopping, cooking – you name it I’ll do it (plus I’ve been working on figuring out our Gilmore Girls situation)!

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