Two Sisters One Heart

My mother’s heart is getting an upgrade this week.  She will be undergoing open heart surgery to hopefully remedy the effects that her Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy has had on her heart.  Besides that her heart is under great stress, her quality of life is so poor.  We are excited to have found such a talented team of doctors here at Johns Hopkins who are ready and able to help.  She will be recovering here in Maryland with me, and hopes to one day get back to Texas.  She’s already a little homesick  I think.

She’s all set for Wednesday, 10am.  My sister and I are going to try to keep everyone updated via this blog.

Bookmark it, subscribe to it, or whatever it is you do to blogs.  I’ve had so many people call to ask for updates, that we think this may be best.  (I didn’t forget you Uncle Robert!  Well, I guess I didn’t call so you could argue I did.  Sorry. :))

Again, here’s the actual web address:

I’ll probably still let some thoughts out here too.  Count on it.

ps. We do have a loving brother and our blog title is not meant to exclude him.  But he does seem to be allergic to this sort of thing.  Besides, Two Sisters, One Brother, and our Mom’s Heart was a much more tedious title.


3 thoughts on “Two Sisters One Heart

  1. I wish I could be there with you Diana to support you as you been for me this last year. I will keep you and your family in our prays and thoughts until you get your mom back on Texas soil. Love ya

  2. Kathy, please give our love to Martha…Michael and I did our prayer for healing here at home at 4;30—I know it helped with everyone praying. I am so very sorry that Martha and her family are going thru all of this “stuff” and I know that her children and Willy will take good care of her. I dod certainly understand your problems with doctors and rehab centers, having gone thru some things myself. Stand in there and fight for your mom. Michael (my son) did alot of fighting for me. Pain gets so bad t hat we can’t always fight for ourselves. Much love to all of you. Love you all, Peggy (martha’s ark. cousin). actually Iowa cousin now.

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