Camp Funcle

Stu is the “fun uncle” in our family (with my sister and brother’s kids).  He always has been.  Mostly because he loves kids and kids kind of pick up on that sort of thing.  The other uncles have jabbed him in the past about it, and eventualy, somehow, his name became Funcle Stu.  Funcle for short.  For the first time ever, we were able to get the 2 oldest nephews here from Dallas and Chicago for several days for some quality Funcle time, and Camp Funcle was born.  The boys have played hard, and even worked hard this week.  Stu and I have gained a new appreciation for those of you who are parenting pre-teens.  I suppose we all felt that our intelligence was superior at that age, but it’s still surprising to see our sweet nephews adjust to their newfound  enlightenment. 🙂  They have seen DC, been to a Nats game, eaten whatever they want (don’t get me started), played Xbox (I feel like Stu is enjoying that part alot too), watched movies, had an inpromptu visit to a slip-n-slide bouncehouse, and more.  Blake has been in heaven and the boys have loved having him as a shadow even more than I expected.


As for the work, they had an important job to do as well.  Most of you know that Mom has moved back into the basement in preparation for her heart surgery at Hopkins this coming Wednesday (more on that soon).  She can’t navigate the stairs well in the house, due to the fact that she just doesn’t get enough air.  The basement is a walk-out though, and the back yard backs up to a street where I can pick her up and drop her off to minimize stair climing.  There is a slight decline though, so we needed about 4 stairs to be built into the hill.  The grandkids were pumped at the idea of doing such an important job for Nana, but to say they worked might require the use of air quotes.  🙂 They have thoroughly enjoyed staying downstairs with their Nana, and I think the quality time with her grandkids has been priceless.

Also worth mentioning: Family Monopoly.  The game began at 9pm last night and wasn’t finished until 2am this morning.  Our family dynamics made the game all that more fascinating.  Papa won in the end (no surprise there), but kudos to Andrew for hanging with him for so long!


One thought on “Camp Funcle

  1. Best wishes for your mom’s surgery – we will be saying prayers for your family! It sounds like you have had so much fun with your nephews!!!

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