What?? The government can’t buy me a new car after all?!


When will our government decide that maybe it can’t bail us out of everything?! I really try to avoid political rants. I hate discussing it, even though I keep up. But Stu’s parents told us about the Cash for Clunkers business last night and I was humored. But I was ready to take them up on their offer. We don’t technically have a clunker, but many dealerships are offering great deals just to get people in anyways. How little foresight must our President have to not realize that his butt can’t cash the checks he’s writing?!

I appreciate the offer (to pay for my house, car, medical insurance, ect. with my own tax money-and to then control it) and the fact that you really seem to want to help. But, Dude, I think you have some problems of your own to deal with. Put the shovel away. You might drown in that hole you’re digging.


One thought on “What?? The government can’t buy me a new car after all?!

  1. Yeah Kathy! Joining the ranks of the political muckrakers! I am proud of you.

    Anyway, I will simply reiterate my comment to your synonymous Facebook post. If the government cant even pay for this Cash for Clunkers ordeal, which pails in comparison to nationwide healthcare, how in the world do they expect to pay for healthcare? No make that quality healthcare at an efficient and expeditious rate for 300+ Americans?!?

    Besides, the current government run medical fiasco is called Medicare and we have known for almost 10 years now that that ridiculous and failed government program is going to be broke by 2017 or 2025 or 20 whatever! So again, another failed attempt at saving the country from itself gone bankrupt. But true to D.C. form, the cure is simply more money, more coverage, expansion, tax the rich! AGHHHHHH!!!

    But you talk about the King digging a hole, but don’t forget he is so cool, he is the first black president, and he brings with him so much hope. Oh and he is so cool that he has been on Conan and SNL! (spit!)

    Anyway, congratulations on joining the team. Keep up the ranting. You know I love it. 🙂

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