*Brag Alert*

Although the posts on my blog tend to be as eclectic as the thoughts running through my mind, I really need to get a stereotypical mommy blog off my chest. This kid of mine is cracking me up.  I tend to feel that every age we come upon is my favorite (once we were past infancy, I kind of hated that part), but I feel the most strongly about this.  I am truly having so much fun with B right now.  He’s definitely aspiring toward The Terrible Two’s, but he still just been a blast to hang out with.  So, here are some of the things my boy is doing these days:


1. Starting to really talk.  He now tries to say everything.  He’s been a little late in this area, but I can see that he will catch up soon.  The reason I know he’s capable of more than he lets on is that his Aunt Alix taught him to say “YeeHaw!”.  If he can say that, I’m pretty sure he could (if he wanted to) say many of the other things I’ve been begging him to say.  He simply can not take a bite of any food unless you have told him what it is, he tries to say it, and you repeat it back to him.  If you do not repeat it back again, he will simply say it and say it and say it until you cooperate.

2.  Speaking of that, he really likes chicken.  Since he knows what a chicken says, he usually says “bok, bok, bok, bok” the whole time he is eating it.  And no, Christopher, he has still not consumed it in nugget form.

3.  His 2 favorite vegetables are bell peppers and cucumbers.  He will eat them raw.  But don’t you dare even consider putting a tiny bit of broccoli on his plate.  You can smother it with cheese, ranch, whatever, and he is totally on to you and will scream about it for the rest of dinnertime.  Broccoli seems to actually make him angry.

4.  He wants to eat everything with a fork.  Even things that are not meant to be stabbed, like pretzels and Kix.  He wouldn’t eat his goldfish at snacktime in Sunday School until they found him one.  His teachers think he has impeccable manners.

5.  He really, really likes going to the store, or anywhere in public where he can get strangers to say “Hi” and “Bye” to him.   He waves throughout the entire shopping trip as if he’s on a parade float.

i6.  One of his favorite games right now is Hide and Seek.  But, the dramatic version-where you jump out and scare him when he finds you.  The more surprised he is, the better.  I’m afraid Stu is going to give him a little toddler heart-attack.

7.  The child has a high pain tolerance.  It really takes a lot to hurt him.  He’s got a lot of size to manage, so falls, bumps on the head, running into walls, corners of tables are all very common occurrences.  He will howl, though, if something makes him mad.  He bumped his head last week, and Aunt Alix offered to kiss it.  He promptly turned, kissed her on the cheek, and got up to play.

8.  He loves the water.  He showers with his Daddy a lot and will stand directly under the stream of water.  He’ll choke and sputter, then go back for more.  I love it.

9.  Bedtime has gotten downright hilarious.  I used to get his lovie, paci, milk, and some books, and gather him up in our big rocking chair.  I would read to him while he drank his milk, then rock him with a song.  He now wants to read to me.  Sometime he even babbles with the correct inflection for the page.  Then he’ll lay on me for about 30 seconds to rock.  At that point he looks up at me and tells me “B (pointing to himself) ah bed (pointing to the bed)”.  I asked, “Is it time for B to go to bed?”  He makes that thrilled face that tells you you broke the code.  I’m kind of sad that he doesn’t need that rocking time anymore, but I love that he is so comfortable in his bed that he looks forward to getting in!  So I put him in his bed, give him Sock Monkey, and his all time favorite: Max (the little guy in the wolf suit from “Where the Wild Things Are”).  He says Ma? (Max)  I repeat, “Yes, that’s Max”.  And inevitably, as I walk out the door, I hear  “Eeee Heee”  (This is always “Thank You” in his language).  Does it get any better?

10.  The dancing.  Oh, the dancing.  He asks his daddy to play music every night when he gets home.  He then proceeds to dance his heart out.

It’s just amazing.  He’s becoming this little person with this spirited personality who plays, communicates, and shows affection.  I’m having fun.  Oh yes.


4 thoughts on “*Brag Alert*

  1. This is such a cute post. It sounds like Blake is really coming in to his little personality. Just to think it wasn’t too long ago that he was a little bundle all swaddled together! 🙂 My favorite part of this blog is the eating the goldfish with a fork. Adorable!

  2. oh, kathryn, what a joy! what unbridled joy! isn’t being a mommy just one of the greatest gifts God could have possibly dreamed up? i can just picture him asking him to go to bed and “reading” with inflection – wonderful! every child should have a mommy like you! how ultimately blessed is your precious B. by the way, there’s also a huge thrill in watching your baby walk down the halls of VBS holding on to the jumprope with all the other little ones — it would be so great to see B and our QT walking together to Bible study! 🙂 (tee hee! i just had to get one plug in to see you all at VBS!)

  3. First of all B seems like a great kid with a great personality. He is freaking adorable. Second of all, I can and cant wait for Bella to be big enough to do all of those things. I can because she has already changed so much in 3 months and I feel sad about that already. I can’t wait because she is going to be so cute when she starts talking. Finally, just wait until he discovers the nugget. It might not be from you, but one of these days when he comes home from a sleepover or rides home from church with a friend he is going to walk in the door with sadness and disappointment for the mom who withheld the all mighty chicken mcnugget from him for so long. Just wait. Next thing you know he will refer to the blue box as the “real” macaroni and cheese. 🙂

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