On this day in history…

wedding portrait

Stu and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Friday.  Our actual “wedding” anniversary is today.  The day we were legally married in a courthouse in Ellicott City was the 16th.  It’s very confusing.  And that part really wasn’t public information until the last few years.  Basically, we weren’t going to be in Texas long enough before the wedding to obtain a license and have it signed (you have to wait 3 days in TX-or 2? whatever) and I didn’t want to have to wait until we were back from our honeymoon for things to be legal.  So, these 2 Texans took our lunch break the Wednesday before our wedding and got hitched in front of a judge right here in Maryland.  Stu went through most of the courthouse ceremony feeling the need to inform everyone that this was not, in fact, a shotgun wedding.  The witnesses to this top secret matrimony are friends of our whom we have sadly lost touch with and they took the only pictures in existence of this occasion.  We didn’t tell everyone at the wedding festivities a few days later that we were already hitched, because we didn’t want to spoil the fun, but man, did it ever take the pressure off!  Ha.

Our wedding and reception took place on The Spirit of Texas, a paddlewheeler that took us on a 3 hour tour of Kemah, TX (right near the Gulf of Mexico).  What fond memories we have of that party and the people who celebrated with us!

The vows:

the vows

The people:

the people

The dress:

just wedding dress

The dancing:


The newlyweds (in “party” attire-no way I was dancing the night away in that big dress):

night wedding portrait

And… the end:

leaving boat

Stu, I cherish you more than I did that day.  As we’ve said so many times (sometimes in humor, sometimes not, ha): We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Look at us, we were so clueless.  I had no idea the good times would be so good, I had no idea that my love for you would change from that butterfly romantic love to this deep love that runs through my veins like a part of me.  And we have been through some hard times that we didn’t know would be so hard.  I’m overwhelmingly grateful that God persistantly brought us together and I know that it is because of our love for Him that we have been able to love each other so deeply.  What an unspeakable joy to be able to share life with you!! Sometimes I joke that it’s like getting to have a slumber party with my best friend all the time, but it still feels like that.  And now that we have brought a son into this, well, words can’t describe how blessed I feel.  I look forward to filling up this house with children.  I look forward to seeing how God wants to use us to help others.  I look forward to 6 more years.  And 6 after that, and 6 after that.  You get it.


5 thoughts on “On this day in history…

  1. okay, it is officially sappy, but also officially just beautiful! and what a beautiful bride and groom you and stu were — just stunning. i love the courthouse story — very funny! as for dancing in the big dress, my mother-in-law says that when our wedding started, i was so careful about my overpriced, but i-just-gotta-have-it dress, but by the middle of the ceremony i was dancing in it like it was a “tube top and cut-offs!” anyway, thanks for sharing your heartwarming sentiments for stu with the rest of us. truly, Jesus is at the center of your marriage, and, oh how He has blessed you for it!

  2. Awww – you’re so cute! You’re one of the few women that I know other than myself — actually maybe the only one — who absolutely (and honestly) A-D-O-R-E-S her husband! You never say a bad thing about him, and you write wonderful blogs like this one to show the world how important he is to you! So many women think that husband-bashing is a fun sport, but I think that their negative comments — perhaps said in jest — really run more true than they will admit. I know that your love for Stu, as well as mine for my Brian, are truly gifts from God. I don’t know how in the world He saw fit to bless me with such a wonderful man, but I’m so glad that He did! Cheers to you for loving your husband so openly and honestly, and for letting all the world know that you do! Happy anniversary to you both, and may the Lord continue bless you beyond your wildest dreams! Love you both!

  3. So who is that guy with all of the hair in those pictures? Did Stuart have a stand-in? Just kidding Stuart, my forehead is also getting larger. 🙂

    Seriously though, that was such a fun night! The whole boat idea was great and we had so much fun, especially because Kelli’s then-boyfriend, his name escapes me, was buying Sam and I free beer the rest of the night at the hotel bar. Niccccce. Anyway, I am so very happy for you and Stuart! I know that what Lana and I have is what you and Stuart have and words cant really express what IT is, but it is the best! Y’all are such a beautiful family. We love you guys so much and we are so grateful for your friendship. All those many years ago when you were dating my cousin (haha:-)) I never could have imagined what a great friend you would become. I cant wait for our children to grow up together! Happy anniversary again, and we love and miss you guys!

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