Swimming through my head…

…are these thoughts.

My baby (I know he’s not really a baby, but please be kind enough not to discuss this with me) has been a source of endless entertainment this past week.  I find myself belly laughing at him constantly.  He also has 3 giant splinters in his foot that seem to have come from our deck.  I discovered them this morning.  And even though they are red and puffy, he is completely unfazed by them.  I know I have to remove them.  But does anyone remember this blog? I don’t like this sort of thing, it makes me all queasy and light-headed.  But, being the responsible mother I am, I will hike up my britches and get those splinters out.

I went to another WW meeting.  They told me I lost 5 pounds and then gave me a sticker!  They do alot of stickers there, which completely perplexes me.  What I did find, which the not so nice lady who registered me did not tell me, is that once you join, you pay for every week-even if you don’t go.  I’m going to give that a big fat What The Fruitnut.  I don’t think they’ll be seeing me at the meetings anymore, because I already have a scale and I’m pretty sure Target sells stickers.

Today is our mock anniversary.  Technically, we got married in a courthouse in Ellicott City on the 16th.  Our wedding, however, was on the 19th in Texas.  We celebrate it on the most convenient date.  In my defense, this is why I can never remember when our anniversary is.  You can expect a super mushy blog about all of this on Sunday, complete with wedding pictures.  Get excited.  Tonight, however, Blake will be with some of his favorite people while Stu and I commemorate the date with sushi and Harry Potter!

I have more on my mind, but the time has come for splinter removal.  boo.


3 thoughts on “Swimming through my head…

  1. I am just so glad that we “made the cut” when it came to your wedding invitation list! 🙂 That was so much fun, except for the part when the pastor forgot Stuarts name, and then did it again. Oh well we had a great time and the the whole paddle boat thing was great! I wish we could hang out with you guys more often. We sure do miss you and we love you guys!

  2. bummer, kathryn, about the ww thing. i thought you knew that. i should’ve said something when you said you wouldn’t be going every week. well, you’re beautiful, and now you’re gonna feel even more beautiful and healthy, too. and thanks for the points ideas — i’m gonna go check out trader joes. especially after this past week of way too much indulgence with friends. enjoy your anniversary celebration!

  3. yeah, ww likes to stick it to you. way to return the favor! i can comfirm that target has stickers because I say “no” to the Elmo ones everytime we go. i’m mean like that, if you will remember.

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