HUSH, Baby Sleeping

This is the nicest way I can even imagine to say it.  This is the pillow that hangs on my front door while Blake naps each day.

It is my goal in life to be a kind, compassionate, loving person.  Nothing challenges me more in these areas that someone needlessly waking up my child.  Stuart calls it my Mama Bear Face.  He’s right.  Fierce emotions run through me in any scenario where I feel that someone might want to harm my child, make fun of him, or WAKE HIM UP.   So today, when a nice young man selling magazine subscriptions rings my doorbell, not once, but twice, while apparently ignoring my kind request, I wanted to simply knock his head off.  And while he’s going on (and on, and on) with his story about how he’s trying to move up in the company and provide more job opportunities to other at risk men and I can help him by buying 3 magazine subscriptions, I’m thinking several things.

1.  My baby is upstairs talking in his crib because he thinks someone just came to see him, so sure, LET ME HELP YOU.

2.  Gosh, I hardly get any useless mail these days.  It would be fun to pile my mailbox up with more.  (which brings to mind a recycling rant that I will save for another day)

3.  Dude, if you really want some help from me, here’s some great advice: This company is scamming you and using you for cheap grunt work in order to sell stuff.  You are probably going to find that this is not your road to success.  Let me name some reputable places in the neighborhood I know are hiring, and will not require you to barge in, uninvited and usually unwanted, on people’s homes day in and day out.

I seriously don’t know anyone who doesn’t know where to find a magazine if they need/want one.  This is NOT a good business venture.

I’m going to stop here.


3 thoughts on “HUSH, Baby Sleeping

  1. Every mother, yes, also every hungover twenty-something repeatedly awakened by the real estate broker showing apartments who dared to show up on Sunday morning without a key and felt it appropriate to ring every doorbell on the intercom until he got a response. Or… so… I’ve heard.

  2. Hey!
    I have no idea why I’ve never read your blog! I guess I didn’t even realize you had one! Anyway, so weird that we both posted about people ringing doorbells! I really really don’t get it! At least mine was a little girl, though! The grown man…selling magazines….yea, that’s a big problem! Props to you for not smacking him in the head!
    BTW…I found the same “doorbell ringing little girl” in my backyard today just playing with our toys!!! Reallllllyyyy?? Who in the world are this child’s parents & what do they do all day?? BC they definitely don’t pay any attention to what their child is doing!
    OK, sorry for the rant in your comments section!!

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