The people want a post!!

And by the people, I mean, like, 2 people.  And since I am without inspiration to write something meaningful and life-changing (like I usually do), I’ll make a list.  Lists are easy, quick, and don’t require me organizing my thoughts (bonus!).

Things on the mind of this Independent Domestic Specialist this week:

1. I am planning a rock-star Father’s Day weekend for my husband.  I wish I could tell you all about it but it is top secret and my husband is a faithful reader.

2. He’s been out of town for the first part of the week and I hate it.  Besides that I miss him, my chores are hard (~whines~)!  He’s quite helpful around the house and I’m really not.

3. Does anyone know what this symbol is for: ~  Is it supposed to be “about” like the math term?

4. Above is why I like making lists and being able to randomly tell you what comes to mind.

5.  I think the word “random” is overused.  People love that word.  Especially in their facebook profiles.  It is used much when describing people and photo albums.  Obviously, I think it’s ok when I do it.

6.  I was way behind on grocery shopping and this week had to go to Costco and the grocery store.  There are some things we buy in bulk that I only have to purchase every few months.  This is a month many of those things piled up on me.  Certain medications, paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, wipes,  etc. If it doesn’t go bad, I buy it in bulk.  It feels very expensive, and the savings really don’t show unless you’re looking at things annually (and yet I save as much as 40% on this stuff!) .

7.  Are you grateful for your food?  Grocery weeks make me feel so humbly blessed.  Spoiled, even.

8.  I’m so into watching Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss.  What is my obsession with baking??  I’m not even good!

9.  I have been running on a regular schedule and last week I had a huge breakthrough!  My endurance is growing.  I’m pretty sure I still eat more than I burn, but that just means I’ll have to run harder.  It’s at this point in my reasoning that I sometimes think a little therapy wouldn’t hurt.

I find this to be a good stopping point.  Plus, Blake is yelling “MAMA!” from his crib over and over.  I should get him.


2 thoughts on “The people want a post!!

  1. The symbol you refer to is called a tilde. It does in fact represent about or similar to in mathematics. It also is placed over “n’s” in Spanich to represent the “nya” sound such as in senor. Other than that, we don’t use it much.

  2. I took a baking class this week. Next time I see you (I have no idea when that will be) I will teach you how to make the most amazing brownies in the world. Duncan Hines brownie mix is not allowed.

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