Itty bitty obsessions.

I don’t know how this stuff overtakes me.  I’ve been searching for a great deal on a VW minivan and have found myself (predictably) off task.  Now, you know from my camping experience that I will never again find myself sleeping in a tent.  This doesn’t make me anti-camping.  Just anti-tents.  I have an odd preoccupation with miniature living spaces.  And I’m ok with roughing it, I just need to be off the ground.

So I’ll shorten the explanation portion and simply tell you what has deterred me from my car search.  Stu is terrified that this is going to be our new family car.  He could be right.  Meet the Volkswagen Vanagon:


I. freaking. love. it.

I do not care that they stopped making it in 1991.  I want it so bad.  That thing has a sink, stove, closet, bed, dining area, storage space, and a loft for the kiddos.  And it will fit in a parking spot.  If I have 4 children you can bet your britches that I will be hauling them to the lake in this thing.  They will be so embarrassed.

While I’m avidly scouring the internet to find out everything I can about this creature of perfection, I find free spirit spheres. Basically free hanging tree houses.


I’m gonna need to sleep in one of them.  I’m obviously incapable of a typical vacation.


7 thoughts on “Itty bitty obsessions.

  1. Have you considered looking at the NEW modern little mini campers that come on a van?????? They still make them, by the way 🙂 PLUS….it will probably not break down while traveling to your camping destination!!!

    • Mom! Where’s your sense of adventure? Now if you want to contribute to the cause I would be happy to look for a new one, but otherwise I’m going to have to rough it.

  2. Kathy, I BOUGHT a terrific camping van on a Tuesday. It was a beautiful 1992 Falcon 190 Class B Motorhome with a 350 Ford engine. I hooked it up to my empty horse trailer and went up hills at 45 mph. I sold it on Thursday to someone else I knew who had wanted it. Didn’t lose any money. It is great on the road, just doesn’t pull a 3-horse slant trailer and my only goal is horse camping! So, I’m still looking. This one was a real steal for $7000. Right colors, good upholstery, everything just right, potty, shower, microwave, sink, stove, etc. You can get all that in a later model. I used to have a VW van (not a camper) when Kenneth was in college, so that is not my heart’s desire. But get on EBay and broaden your horizons. Can’t go camping without a potty and shower! However, the past three nights I have camped out with my electrical and water hookup because that is what Sabra and I will have when we go horse camping this weekend. I reserved just that, a spot with water and elec. So we can hose ourselves off for a shower and have a fan. I use an invalid’s bedside potty chair and then sneak out and empty it. So far I have never had to use it for solids (uhem) as there is usually a bathroom aroudn somewhere when I go to Competitive Trail Challenges. But I would LOVE to sleep in a sphere! Love you.

  3. Oh, did you understand, I am camping out in the yard practicing for this weekend on a ranch near Waco. First time Sabra is going to get to go. I don’t think she will be as excited as I am. I LOVE sleeping outdoors! If it gets bad on my camping trips I can move my cot into the trailer tack room or just sleep in the van. I unhook my van from the trailer and park them parallel and bunge a blue tarp between them, roll out my sisal rugs and my roll-away cot, my tables and chairs and have a real camp. My friends have living quarters horse trailers. I think it makes more sense to get a camper that drives. You may not always want to take horses when you want to camp somewhere and think how handy at hospitals, etc. So I’m still kind of looking for my camper. My two-day ownership didn’t get it off my Bucket List.

  4. Your Aunt Sandra now has her dream mini van. It arrived earlier this week. She LOVES it and is planning on driving it to Danny Elder’s for the big fireworks display. She wants to park it next to my house for a visit !!! You will love it and its not much bigger than the Volks. It has a generator and AIR!! So cool

  5. I had a 1984 Westfalia until this spring. I sold it to Alexa Woodward (see facebook)–a banjo pickin’ folk singer. She has now made it from NYC to South Carolina to Texas to Mexico to Grand Canyon to San Francisco, since May! I’m now looking at T&B campers to replace it. I drive a 150 cc scooter. The scooter used to fit inside the Westfalia.

    Van Man

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