Bloggin’ kind of day

Sometimes I don’t blog because I just downright think I’m boring. 🙂

Which may be true, but apparently I have enough friends who are mildly interested in the day to day activities of this stay-at-home-mom that I should update you every now and then.

As many of you know per my facebook updates, B is still overwhelmingly snotty.  We have finally put him on children’s Zyrtec, much to our chagrin, simply because the benefits of clearing up his respiratory system far outweigh the risks of medication.  Not to mention the benefits of not needing Albuterol.  WOW, that stuff is awful.  He might be able to breathe better after one of those breathing treatments, but the toss-up is that it makes him Crazy.  With a capital C.  So, yeah, I’ll take some allergy meds over that any day.  We’re still not sure if it’s working, it’s only day one, but I’ll keep you posted.

In the midst of all this sickness, life has continued moving with all the good and bad that comes with it.  And I’ve had a few aha moments recently.  I find so much joy in my life as a mother, wife, and follower of Jesus Christ.  I hope I never take for granted the small blessings I come across every day.  Our church is doing a teaching emphasis on prayer and I’m working very hard in this area of my life.  Abiding in Christ is a continual process.  I am learning to be more grateful, and that He wants me to pray about everything!  Since I had Blake, it has given me such fresh perspective on the relationship God wants from us.  He loves us, wants to hear from us.  And just as parents know that answering every request from your children with a “yes” isn’t the best thing for them, it doesn’t mean we don’t want good things for our kids.  My child would be on cookie and WonderPets overload if I gave him everything he wanted.  Obviously, he doesn’t always know what’s best for him.  Sometimes, as he gets older, he’ll have to go through struggles that I can’t assist him with.  I won’t always be able to rescue him because sometimes he’ll need these struggles to become a better person.  But because I love him, I’ll always want good things for him.  I think this is how God looks at us.

On the way to the ER with Blake last week, I prayed, “Please let this be quick Lord”.  So simple, and rushed even.  There was not a soul in the waiting room.  We were rushed in and attended to as if we were the only patients in the entire hospital.  I did not forget my prayer, or to be grateful.

On our way to the airport (to leave DFW-with Captain Crazy Albuterol Pants in tow)  I prayed that this flight would be easy.  Flying with Blake and without Stu is hard enough.  But the fact that we are still too cheap to buy him his own ticket since he’s still under 2, and he had been so sick, made me very nervous.  Can I just tell you that my child was unrecognizable during this flight??  On Southwest I usually grab a seat for him (even though he’s a “lap infant”), and hope that it’s not a full flight.  The flight attendants usually don’t mind as long as I tell them what I’m doing.  He got to buckle up in his own seat for both flights!  What a relief.  He sat and quietly played for 4 hours!!  No movies or anything!  For 30 minutes straight, he played with a slinky!!  He “read” books, snacked, even laid down in my lap to nap for a bit.  I sat on a plane and read a book, which is something I haven’t done in 20 months!!  He turned right back into Captain Crazy Albuterol Pants as soon as we landed, but I was so grateful for that answered prayer!

One more, then I promise I’ll stop.  I dropped my phone yesterday.  Breaking phones is simply something I do.  But this one is new, and I was extremely frustrated that I might have done it again.  I held that phone and I prayed as if it was life or death.  Stu fidgeted with it that night and voila, it works!

Some may believe in coincidences, fate, and karma, but I find those all to be such fickle ideas.  I’m good knowing I’m not in charge.

This is part of my God is Faithful thread.  I know that sometimes, whether it is a consequence of my own actions or simply His will, hard times fall.  But I am grateful that my Heavenly Father wants good things for His children.  I am in awe that I can call on Him when I need Him.  It brings tears to my eyes because it comforts me so much.  Being a “believer” is not what makes me a child of God.  Being created is.  He considers all of us His children.  But just like I want a relationship with my child, so does He with us.  That’s you.



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