Boo for sick babies

You know, I recently put up a facebook status about how my baby was sick again. A friend with older children commented that her first son was a sickly child too and that it will get better as he gets older. I remember thinking, “my kid is not sickly! Why did she say that?”  Umm. I guess being sick with something new every couple of weeks consitutes sickly.  He really is such a good sick baby though.  It usually just means he’s a little more snuggly than usual.  A few weeks ago his doctor said he was wheezing and showing “early signs” of pnumonia.  I thought that was so bizarre because I was guessing a cold.  We went through a course of antibiotics and he seemed better.  Friday night though, he coughed all night.  I’m not even exaggerating.  I don’t know how he slept.  When we woke him up at 5 am the next morning to get to the airport (that’s right), he was running a fever.  UGH.  I decided to get to Texas where at least I would have some help this week if he was sick.  Stu will be in Sweden all week, otherwise I might have kept him home.  He was a great flier this time.  Unfortunately, I think that was due to lethargy.  He slept or laid down the whole time.  Thank goodness he had his own seat, he was able to put his head in my lap and spread out.  I do love Southwest. 

 When we got to my sister’s house the wheezing started.  I knew we had to give in and have him looked at, so we headed to the ER.  Daina’s husband sent us to a new children’s hospital and Plano, and WOW.  First of all, there was not a soul in the waiting room.  They brought him right in and moved so fast!  Secondly, it was awesome and new and clean and shiny.  And they were blowing bubbles.  And they had a slushy machine (Daina and I picked blue flavor).  They did an x-ray and found that he doesn’t have pnumonia, but his airways are “irritated” due to a respiratory virus.  The doc said this would probably lead to bronchitis and possibly pnumonia if untreated, but he was able to get breathing treatments to help him clear out his lungs.  The treatments help so much.  Aunt D stepped right in and took care of Blake the whole time.  He loved it.  It’s amazing how quickly he takes to Daina no matter how long it’s been since he’s seen her.  Here’s Aunt D and B getting breathing treatments:


Daina regretted taking him for his x-ray though.  Besides that he just been swished away from watching Bear in the Big Blue House (our regular hospital lifesaver), he had to be physically restrained for the test.  By the time they returned, they were both crying.  So sad. 

Things are better today.  I miss my husband already though.  Sweden actually feels farther away.


2 thoughts on “Boo for sick babies

  1. Boo for night time crying babies too. 🙂

    But also, I hope everything gets better soon. When are we gonna get to meet up? I cant wait!

    My brother was sick all of the time when he was younger and finally at the age of four or five they removed his tonsils and he went for years, literally, without being sick. Just an idea.

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