Blog to blog

I couldn’t help it, I’m blogging to tell you to read my cousin’s blog.  Can any of you answer the question he asks at the end?  Maybe swine flu is not the only “pandemic” we should be worrying about.


4 thoughts on “Blog to blog

    • This is VERY valid. But pregnancy is a valid exception when it comes many illnesses. Everything has to be taken more seriously. I’m with you on that, and would take all precautions as well!

  1. I’ll tell you why it is news (and this should be an expected answer from me by now,) it is news because since terrorism has been pretty calm lately and the economy hasn’t been enough to scare all of the people into the “government save me tent” the government needs some sort of “threat” in order to continue to control us all. That’s my opinion and I am sticking to it. 🙂

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