Our Prayer…

Today was Blake’s “baby” dedication.  I put in in quotes because he looks way too old for me to be calling it that.  Simply put, today we publicly committed to raise our son on the Christian Faith and our church committed to assist us with that phenomenal task.  At times like this, we do find it a little sad to be so far away from our families.  However, not having them here today makes them no less essential in my mind.  But as we stood in front of our church I realized how immensely blessed we are to be a part of such a spiritual family.  I was overwhelmed.  And fulfilled.  I know that while God has called us to be away from our families, He has still met our needs.  What a comfort!  Thanks to those of you who took part today and especially to the Hillmar’s who took some pictures for us, and who I know will also be essential in the life of our boy.  Pastor Steve prayed that Blake will grow up to be a “mighty man of God” and I will continue that prayer as long as I have breath.



One thought on “Our Prayer…

  1. My sweet Baby Blake will not be a baby much longer and it’s so hard to believe how fast they grow up.
    We wish we could stand there with you to dedicate that boy as have stood there with one of mine, I think only Alexa, but it means so much know you are with us in spirit.
    We love you and support you on this quest of child rearing.
    Hug that little Man of God for me and tell him Aunt D loves him.
    There will be good days and bad on this mission and holding on to God’s strength and promises will bring joy (and survival :).


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