I just turned 29.  I learned this week that when you say you’re 29, people think you’re lying.  They think you are in your 30’s but still hanging on to your twenties.  I resent having to convince a woman last week that I, indeed, just turned 29.  This brings me to the concept of anti-aging.

Here’s the deal.  The moment my darling son made his appearance, I looked 10 years older.  At first we attributed it to a very difficult delivery (understatement alert), then to baby weight, then exhaustion, and now…exhaustion?  I don’t know what it is now, except that I used to have the time to work a little harder on me.  It sounds vain, but you ladies know what I mean.  Even an extra 20 minutes in the bathroom can do wonders.  And I am ALWAYS in speed racer mode now.  There is either a toddler banging on the shower door (or worse, he’s not-so where is he?) or napping and I have a million other things to do before he wakes.  Shaving my legs is simply a luxury I can’t afford.  🙂

Anti-aging is what happens to some women after their kids (all of them) get through that exhausting infant/toddler time and they finally can take some care of themselves.  You see them drop weight, get regular haircuts, cute clothes, lose the eye-baggage, and magically even seem more tan and glowy (I’m pretty sure the simple concept of sleep contributes to this look).  This doesn’t happen to all women, but I definitely have seen this phenomenon in several women in my life.  I actually heard the term on Jon and Kate plus 8, when in one of the interviews, Jon told Kate she was anti-aging.  Let me tell you, Kate is the epitome of anti-aging!!  Those who have seen the videos of Kate in the days when she had 6 infants know that she was tired.   And who wouldn’t be??  Now that her kids are older, and they obviously can afford to have some help, the woman is slammin’.  And I met her in person, the camera doesn’t do her justice, she was stunning.  (wow, girl crush much?).

As much as I love being a mother and look forward to doing it again, I have come to terms with the fact that I have to get through ALL the baby stuff before I can move on.  It’s scientific fact people.

My point is this, I’m looking forward to my 30’s.  I plan to finish having children (ask Stu for the synopsis of his “I want lots of babies speech”-Oh, never mind, that sums it up), enjoy them, shave my legs, and begin anti-aging.  Kate, call me.


2 thoughts on “Anti-Aging

  1. That’s funny because I have the opposite problem, I still get carded pretty often when I try to buy alcohol at a store or restaurant. 🙂

    But I am about to find out first hand the trials and tribulations of parenthood! I am sooo excited and so completely unaware just how hard it is when the child is your own. I know Stuart makes it easier for you to be a mom by helping out being a great father and I hope to be able to ease the stress on Lana as much as possible.

  2. 21 is another fake age. I realize I’ve been telling people I’m 21 since I was 17, and now that I’m actually about to turn 21, I feel like everyone is going to think I’m lying. 21 is not a real age.

    Not that that has anything to do with anti-aging, but let’s say the bags under my eyes right now can pseudo-sympathize.

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