My DVR is bored

I seem to fall in love with the most unsuccessful shows. I loved Lipstick Jungle. I loved MVP (that one is Sara’s fault, I probably wouldn’t have sought that out myslf-wink). And Sam says Kath and Kim won’t last either (obviously it was geared toward such an intellectually superior audience that there are not enough of us to support it). Days of Our Lives does still keep me entertained on the treadmill (speaking of intellectual), but my other shows are about to end. Is there anything new out there?

That is my trivial concern for the day.


8 thoughts on “My DVR is bored

  1. I don ‘t know about new, but The Office and Family Guy are golden! They are some of the best TV shows ever. Ever.
    Scrubs is also a really funny show. From what I get from your camping post you and Eliot might have a lot of the same hang-ups. 🙂
    Of course most of my time is spent watching Sportscenter or DIY network.

  2. Since you dont have a new post I will comment on this post again. I wanted to be the first to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! another year closer to 30. Yeah!

  3. Do you have HBO? I’m in love with the No. Ladies Detective Agency!!! It’s super amazing, and I think you’d love it too! They also have In Treatment, Bill Maher (which Ash and I love but I think you would hate), and lots of other cool movies etc. But if you have HBO, you probably have HBO on demand which would make it less satisfying to DVR the shows! 🙂

  4. Yeah, I miss MVP too — sigh. I started DVRing Days this week, and I am watching Thursday’s episode right now. I haven’t found anything else lately worth DVRing. My favorite all time show is The Wire and we have all five seasons on DVD — let me know if you would like to borrow sometime. I also really like Arrested Development, which tragically ended way too soon. Anyway, good luck, and here’s wishing they would make another season of MVP!! 🙂

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