Happy Campers?


This is us.  Blissfully ignorant, going camping.

I want to be a camping person.  I want to be tough and let things roll off my back.  But I have learned this weekend that some things are beyond my control.  Like my hysteria.

Let me back up.  Our wonderful, selfless friends suggested Stu and I take a little weekend trip while they keep Blake.  We needed no time to ponder this.  Much to everyone’s surprise, we decided to go camping.  I have wanted to see Assateague Island for awhile now, and we thought it would be a great way to enjoy nature and each other with no other distractions.  Plus, it’s cheap!  There were ups and downs.  Unfortunately the downs were such downers that we had packed up and started home by Saturday afternoon.

Here are some of the the things we saw. You can guess which exact thing put me over the edge.camp4

Wild horses!  Including 1 newborn foal!

The ocean, the beach there was beautiful!


The coolest Volkswagon van that morphs into a mini camper and hasn’t been made since 1991.  I still intend to get one.

Ticks, an alarming amount of them, the most alarming one being the one living ON MY HEAD.

One very ugly, yet intriguing frog.

What happens to a whole bag of marshmallows when you throw it on the fire.  Awesome.

An Advil robbery at CVS (we actually were reporting it as it happened because the stupid getaway car was parked directly in front of us with cardboard over the license plate, conspicuous much?)

Assateague Island, Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach, and the great state of Delaware.  (We took the scenic route home)

Several cops unholstering their weapons as they approach a broken down barn on the side of the road.  camp22

An arrest on the side of the road.


Stu doing a fire dance

We had a really great first night.  We had the fire, scrabble, burritos warmed by the fire, s’mores, and a romantic walk.  But night was a sleepless one for this girl who already struggles with what my doctor calls “mommy insomnia”.  I was up for much of it, but by morning I decided to be positive and have a great day.  It was when I scratched my head and pulled a tick out of it that I lost my cool.  This is such an understatement.  Once Stu talked me down, I agreed to stay our last night if we slept in the car (which is what the Element is made for, so this isn’t really that crazy).  But when he later went into the woods to get some brush for the fire and came back with ticks all over his pants, I was pretty inconsolable.


This was when we begin to pack up.  We hung out on the beach for awhile, then took the scenic route home.  It was on the way that we witnessed all the criminal activity.  Seriously, nothing screams “I’m about to rob a store!” like covering your plates with cardboard.

Things we learned:

My son doesn’t miss me at all as long as he is with the Hillmars.  When I showed up he just stared at me.

I now know every disease that can be spread by the bite of a tick.  I’ll keep you posted as symptoms will not appear for at least 24 more hours.

This was the last time I will ever sleep in a tent again.  Ever.

I might have been a hardcore tomboy as a child, but I’m pretty much all girl now.

Being away from coffee is hard.

We do have an awesome camping vehicle.  We appreciated our Element in a whole new way this weekend.

I am just a nauseous person.  Every emotion makes me nauseous.  It’s incredibly annoying.

Camping at home is super fun too.

Things I am grateful for:

Prescription drugs.

Good friends.

My washing machine.

My pillowtop mattress.


The fact that Stuart and I made the most of a ridiculous weekend and still had so much fun!


5 thoughts on “Happy Campers?

  1. That really sucks that y’all had such a weird time camping. I love camping! I love to camp in the spring when it is cool enough but not too hot to sleep on a cot by the fire. Who needs a tent when you have a cot? Plus it really is relaxing and very peaceful when you wake up at 3:30 in the morning and walk out into the pitch black woods with a flashlight to sit by a tree until daylight comes.
    Oh and I can’t really tell you how many times I have pulled tics off of my head or arms after a week or weekend at the deer lease. (at least 4 times) Maybe I should look up the symptoms of lime disease and others spread by tic bites because that might explain a lot of the things wrong with me. 🙂
    Oh yeah and we have a cool coffee pot that allows you to brew coffee over a fire.
    I think y’all should give camping another shot somewhere else.

  2. Pictures…did you take some pictures?
    What about insect repellent…
    you want to deprive one of God creatures a snack of fresh blood…

  3. Oh my goodness, that is too funny. I told Alex all about it, and he said next time Stu and Alex can go camping and you and I can go to THE SPA (complete with bathrooms and hot showers, pillow top mattresses, and not to mention pedicures, manicures, and other wonderful luxuries). Well okay that sounds good to me! When should we schedule this relaxing SPA WEEKEND!?!?!

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