Two’s company

So, Blake is having a playdate today.  Little Audrey is here for a few hours and it’s so funny to watch them “socialize”.  By this, I mean many lectures on sharing met with blank stares.  Actually Blake has been more of the whiner, until lunchtime.  It is these moments when I realize that my child is not like other toddlers.  As I watch my child eat an entire roast beef, spinach, and cheese sandwich in in under 5 minutes, I look over at Audrey, who has taken 2 little bird bites of her sandwich and is singing and playing with her juice.  I realize that Audrey is not the odd one here.  I realize that most toddlers don’t eat that much and would rather subsist on juice.  Most toddler’s parents are not forced to buy especially large diapers online because they aren’t sold in stores.  It just explains alot, that’s all.


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