You know you are a true suburban housewife when…

Your neighbor shows real signs of vacuum cleaner envy and you find yourself lusting after the “coolest” minivan.


10 thoughts on “You know you are a true suburban housewife when…

  1. BAH! That is what they make SUVs for. I understand that dorkmobiles may be “efficient” and “convenient” but I just cant imagine myself ever selling out like that. So dont do it Kathy. Be strong.

  2. Remember these words…as they will be thrown back into your face in the next 5-10 years following your 2.5 children…

  3. I’ve said it before and I will say it again–a minivan will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

    So what kind of vacuumm do you have?

  4. A Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal! I think it’s hilarious that THIS is what we spent out tax refund on. Our neighbor expressed some not-so-concealed resentment when he saw the box on the curb for trash pickup.

  5. All I know is that Lana asked me for a vacuum cleaner for Christmas and I thought she was nuts. I’m glad to know that she isn’t alone. How old are we now? I don’t wanna grow up!

  6. A Dyson? I think I am feeling a little resentment, too. Not that my craptastic dirt devil isn’t nice as well.

  7. I vowed no minivan either, now I wouldn’t be without one with my 1.5 children. Oh the words we have to eat. Sigh.

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