Mind in the Gutter

It’s Springtime, and it’s the time of year I try to remember to have our gutters cleaned.  It pains Stu to pay someone to do something he’s capable of doing himself, but I enjoy that my son has a father and am willing to pay $100 a year to keep my baby daddy off a 3 story ladder propped up by sandbags on the side of a hill.  That being said, we have used the same company twice now and I would like to present them with:


Unfortunately for them, this is a fictional award, but I still think they deserve it.  Nick Rivers Gutters came out again yesterday, and again I was thoroughly impressed.  About 18 months ago, when they were here last, they noticed that our roof was failing (it had a huge dimple right over Blake’s room) and even went to the trouble to take pictures and send them to my email so we could see what was going on.  We were so grateful to have out roof replaced before it was an emergency!  Whether or not there’s a problem, they will still take pictures of your clean gutters and send them to you so you know they were cleaned! Nick is an honest guy, I know this because he could have “taken” us on a couple of occasions.  He caulked some leaks in out gutters yesterday to keep them working for another 2-3 years.  We will eventually need to replace them, and probably would have paid to have it done already.  For this I really appreciate him helping us stretch our money.  He also explained what we would probably be paying when we do have them replaced and pointed out some ways that others in the industry can rip you off.  He is the owner of the company and knew who we were as soon as he answered the phone.  It is so rare to have someone work on your house in any capacity that you feel like you can trust!  I know those of you who are reading this in Maryland need your gutters cleaned, call him!!




One thought on “Mind in the Gutter

  1. Your thoughts on possibly saving your baby daddy’s life by keeping him off tall(very tall) ladders is valid. I totally agree. As an added thought… on Monday Cathedral hired an electrician to change light bulbs in the sanctuary. They were using a 40ft lift to work on a light. The lift became “unstable” and fell. The 24 year old man died an hour later at the hospital. Tell Stu to quit looking at those windows and just plan on looking at them in the store or after the new ones are installed!!!!!!!! That’s from MOM!!!

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