Muy Bueno Queso

If you are a fan of queso, stop what you’re doing and make this.  And a screech is heard across the state of Texas. One of my most shocking moments here in Maryland was regarding queso.  Weird, I know.  One of my favorite places to eat here is Baja Fresh, very good burritos, but up until a couple of years ago, no queso.  Well you can imagine my excitement when they added it to their menu.  I was sitting at my desk at work, placing an order for a sales meeting, and they asked if I would like queso with that!  Would I?!?

I hung up and promptly announced this to my boss and the entire accounting department.  I just figured it was that important.  Baja Fresh has queso!!  You should have seen the blank looks on their sad, Tex-Mex deprived faces.  Finally someone says, “what’s queso?”

Deep Breath.  I am so confused.  Where am I?  Am I really that far from Texas?  How did I find myself in a land where people have not heard of the single best food-creation known to man (baked-goods excluded).   Anyways, after a thorough explanation, including pictures, we were all just as confused as when we started.  BTW, don’t bother with Baja’s queso.

And if you have confusion on your sad, Tex-Mex deprived face right now, please call me.  I will make you some.

Anyways, this weekend I tried out some new recipes, including Mexican shredded beef and a peach-basil sangria that I hope to make again soon!  The new queso recipe was the big winner though.  Here is the recipe for the best queso I have ever had (it’s from the Everything Mexican Cookbook-but I have adjusted the proportions to such an extent that I would venture to say they just gave me the general idea):

One big block of Velveeta (2lbs I think)

1 diced jalepeno (seeds and insides removed)

1/2 cup milk -more if you want it a little runnier, which I did)

2 ounce jar of diced pimientos

1 medium sized red tomato chopped into small pieces

1 chopped onion

1/2 package of frozen chopped spinach

Thaw the spinach and drain as much water from it as possible.  Combine onion and milk in a large saucepan first, cooking just enough to soften the onion.  Be careful not to let the milk boil much.  Add cheese and pimientos, and cook on low heat until cheese melts (this will go faster if you cut the cheese into blocks).  Stir in the spinach and tomato.

Grab some tortilla chips and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Muy Bueno Queso

  1. Is this new found recipe even better than Casa O doodoo, um er I mean Casa Ole’? Because if it wasn’t for their queso they would have gone under years ago. =) It is very sad though that the yankees up there didn’t know what queso was. I know, I know, you are still south of the Mason Dixon line, but lets face it, yankees they are. =) I feel sad for them that they are deprived of Tex-Mex or even better, real Mexican food like my grandma and mother are famous for! You know as a matter of fact I think I am gonna eat Elena’s or Carmela’s for lunch! yum. Adios amigo!

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I ate some delicious chorizo, egg and cheese burritos for breakfast this morning. deeee-licious. Okay, I am done rubbing it in now. Love ya Kathy!

  3. Peach-Basil Sangria? Details please! And really, how are people supposed to react to “What’s queso?” Are they for real? I’m confused too. I mean, they’re human – right? I thought everyone ate queso. Serious about the confusion going on in my head and now my heart right now. Please fix this! Please make them queso!

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