I’m just a little black rain cloud…

…hovering over the honey trees.


I’ve been humming Winnie the Pooh’s song often this past week as I’ve felt like there was a “cloud” hanging over our house.  We’ve had terrible bouts of sickness (see the “bugs” blog before this one-I do believe we took a couple home. ugh) and emergency room visits and I have often looked up and asked God if He would please tell me the point.  Because the thing is, I know that there is always a point.  My God doesn’t believe in coincidences or fate.  He has a plan.  And thankfully, he revealed just enough to comfort me this week.  He knew I was tired and beat up and needed just an inkling of an “atta boy!” and He gave it to me.  Whew.

For those of you here to keep up with Mom’s progress, it’s going very slow.  She is considered a “special case” when it comes to the oral surgery she needs and we found a place in Beaumont who can deal with it.  Thankfully we didn’t go forward with the oral surgery here on Tuesday or we would have had major problems.  If the weekend hadn’t been filled with crises we would have gone through with it, and would probably be in big trouble now.  That’s no coincidence.  She’s going home Sunday to begin dealing with the teeth issue, and a couple other things that need to be taken care of before her heart surgery.  Hopefully she’ll be back in about 6 weeks for it though. She is so excited.



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