Dear Cuisinart:

I’m a coffee snob.  I don’t go a day without my coffee, it is my favorite treat.  I like my coffee strong and fresh.  So you can imagine how excited I was to get your new fancy coffeepot, the Grind and Brew!  Is there a better way to do coffee?  My days of sneaking my Texas-bought coffee into stores so I can “borrow” their grinder are over!  Now I can dump my beans into this little grinder and it will make me a fresh cup of coffee every day!  And so easy!!  All I have to do (every day) is take apart the grinder, scrape out the 4 or so teaspoons of ground coffee that got stuck and didn’t make it to brew and scrub it out with that handy little brush you gave me (seems like a little baby shovel would’ve been more handy, but no biggie).  Then all I have to do is clean out the little chute that sends the coffee down to the filter.  Then I simply have to take apart the filter and clean it because there is coffee EVERYWHERE in there and it also requires 2 pieces to be cleaned.  Then I just have to let it dry all night or carefully hand dry it so even more coffee doesn’t stick in places it shouldn’t next time I grind it.  Once dry, I simply have to fill the grinder as packed as I can, and make barely enough coffee for Stu and I to each have 1/2 a cup, because with all the coffee that gets wasted when it doesn’t make it down the chute, we can’t seem to get a cup of coffee strong enough to rival a nice cup of tea.

So why should I care that I spend a good 20 minutes on my coffee-experience everyday?  I try not to think about the fact that in that amount of time I could have run over to Starbucks for my morning jolt, and after all of the coffee I scrape out of the grinder and wash down the sink every day, I probably am paying about the same amount too!  But hey, the excitement of hearing what could be an airplane taking off in my kitchen makes the whole experience worthwhile!  Thanks Cuisinart, for your super easy, user friendly Grind and Brew Coffee Pot.


4 thoughts on “Dear Cuisinart:

  1. Yeah, I must say that the cleaning of all of the parts involved with the entire process is a little cumbersome, but well worth it for us. Lana and I had a routine each night before we went to bed. She would wash all of the little parts, (btw, we would bypass the gold filter and just use a paper filter which would cut down on wash time by at least a minute or so.) and I would dry them. Then we would load it up with beans and that was it.
    I warned you about that plane taking off in your kitchen. I swear that thing scared the bejesus out of me a couple of times when I happened to fall asleep on the couch.
    I am not sure why you are having all of those problems with your coffee maker. Our Grind and Brew works beautifully. We never have coffee that doesn’t make it down the chute. We fill ours full of beans and it makes a full pot of nicely brewed coffee. I am not saying this to gloat or anything, I promise. I think what you have on your hands is referred to as a lemon. Sorry.

  2. HA! i coulda told you that. My parents had one (big surprise) and raved about it till i saw it in action and i thought “crap, that’s a LOT of work for something that’s supposed to make this EASIER” So I bought a little hamilton beach grinder because it’s so easy. It’s not the greatest grinder (as any good snob would tell you that blades are inferior to plates) but it’s ease of use and cleaning and lack of coffee everywhere make my coffee snobbery meet ease of use. And i’m a caribou fan myself…

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