Old Man Winter


I really am trying to reign in complaining in my life.  So I’m going to cheat and call this, “getting something off my chest”.  I am ALL DONE with winter.  I have always despised being cold, but now, being shut in with a toddler is too much.  I know it doesn’t help that as a rule, I do not wear coats (I have actually had to break that rule 4 times this winter, POO!), but a coat almost makes me just as miserable as being cold does.  Our furnace is slowly dying so our electricity bills are soaring (just too keep the house at a comfy 58-60 degrees), and we need new windows.  Yikes.  So I’m just pushing for spring so that we can forget about all those pesky problems.  Annoyingly though, in Maryland, winter tends to linger well into April.  It’s not that it feels all that cold, it’s just that April makes you think spring, so the fact that you are still freezing makes one grumpier.  AND (last complaint-promise) it’s all frosty, but we haven’t gotten a decent snow all winter!  I think it’s only fair that if we’re freezing our hineys off, we should at least have a nice view and a couple days off work for Stu.  Incidentally, I’m fully aware that life is not fair. So I guess it’s time to hike up my breeches and put on a coat.

And move to Texas.

Where I can complain about summer.



2 thoughts on “Old Man Winter

  1. I appreciate your rant because Ash promised me temperate weather if I would move with him from my beloved Chicago.

    BUT I’m scared for summer this year because I’m crazy and having a baby in August. Whose idea was that? 🙂

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