“Kathy? Where are you?”

In answer to Christopher’s question, I shall blog.

On Monday afternoon (like, 5 days ago) I started to feel a little bit sick.  My chest was tight like when you are about to have some congestion and coughing.  Great.   I called Stu around 3pm to complain that I was getting sick.  My biggest concern was that Blake was getting tubes put in on Thursday and I was scared he would catch something that would cause us to have to postpone the surgery.  By 6pm I was crawling around on the the floor (literally) trying to find something for Blake to eat and praying that Stu would be home soon.  My entire body had begun to ache, the chills were in full effect, and the annoying pain in my chest from earlier was now crushing me.  I knew I had the flu.  Not a flu “bug”, which lots of people simply call the flu and say, “oh yeah, I had that for a couple days”.  This was actual influenza.  I had never had it before, but I couldn’t imagine what other illness could debilitate me this fast.  Going to the doctor the next day confirmed it and so began the sickest week of my life (thus far).

Now I’m about to list, for you, some of my epiphanies this week.  Some of these things may already be painfully obvious to the wiser minds of the world.  My brain, however, is very dense and I tend to not really  comprehend things unless they bang me over the head.


1.  I’ve never (in my recollection) had a real fever.  My mom can’t recall a time either.  I’ve been sick, but neither us can remember a temperature.  That whole chills and achiness is really miserable.  I had no idea!!

2.  My job offers no sick time.  No matter how great and willing my husband might be (and he is working hard), he is still stepping in to do my job and he’s having to take his own sick time to do so.  I had visions all week of what life was like when Stu and I were DINKS (double income no kids) and I would get sick.  I would call in sick and lounge in bed with the tv and books and Stu would bring me Gatorade and soup and all was right with the world.  I have worked so much harder this week than I even imagined I would be capable of.  There is something that just ignites in your brain when you become a mommy.  Motherhood makes women superhuman.

3.  You can live off of Nyquil, Gatorade, and chicken noodle soup for about 3 days until your stomach revolts.

4.  We have really, really great people in our lives.  At her own risk, Kelli came to my house to babysit Blake so I could go to the doctor.  Many other friends have offered as well, but I just couldn’t live with myself if they came here and caught this.

5.  They probably would not catch this because we appear to be the only idiots in Maryland who did not get a flu shot.  See, if you’ve never had the flu, then the shot doesn’t seem like such a big deal.  In fact, people who don’t get the shot say things like,”Well, I’ve never had the flu before“.  (Russell).  Really, is that an argument?  In my defense, I didn’t purposely refuse the shot.  But I did forget to get it.  And I forgot to make Stuart get it (which is the only way he would’ve gotten it).  Praise God Blake got it.  So read my next epiphany and see if doesn’t inspire you.

6.  Did you know that the flu can last up to 2 weeks!???  And it hurts!  And after that, most people experience muscle soreness and weakness for about 3 weeks.  WHAT?!  When I indignantly told my doctor that information like this should be public, he told me that it is.   Hm.

7.  Stuart has miracuously not caught the flu yet.  I truly believe that God has mercifully spared us the trauma of having both of us sick with a toddler.  I am grateful.

8.  My husband would actually starve to death in his own house without me.  It’s good to feel needed.

So, that’s where I’ve been.  I am so sick of being sick, but it appears I have to be sick a bit longer.

Now go get your flu shot Russell!


3 thoughts on ““Kathy? Where are you?”

  1. Well I definitely hope you get better soon. I went through the same stuff last year. The aches and chills and the pressure on the chest, etc. Perhaps mine was not as bad as yours but I definitely hurt for over a week.

    I am glad that you are back. I have withdrawals sometimes when there is nothing new to view from the Hills. I enjoy your posts and they always make me laugh. It is funny how the infamous Ladd sarcasm can transcend verbal contact and come through so well over the web! I am a faithful reader of yours and Daina’s blogs. Although I must say Daina has been on hiatus for a while as well. I know I know, kids. I will be there shortly.

    Well have a great rest of the weekend under the circumstances and get well soon.

  2. Feel better! I just had a “flu bug” and it was miserable enough, but I had the real flu in high school once and it was like Death just came over to play Scrabble and stayed way too long. Does that make sense to anyone outside my brain? Doubt it.

  3. Despite my foray into the cootie-house, I’m pleased to report that I have not been affected by the flu! (Oh, and yes, I had gotten my shot!)

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