Like Sands through the Hourglass…

…so go my thoughts.

I’m a tad bit of a scattered person (Stuart-seriously, keep it to yourself), and today is one of those days where a million little things are pinging around in my brain and I decided to let them out here!!  YAY for you!  I did this before in number formation, but may lead you to believe I’m more organized that I am.  Feel free to advise on any of these things.

I’m trying to buy a treadmill on craigslist.  I do not a need a gym-quality treadmill, I ran on Kelli’s 20 year old treadmill and it suited me just fine.  But now that I see all of them, typically, I want the newest shiniest one.  My frugal nature will outweigh my desire for something shiny, but it still complicates things.  I have been reading about treadmills for a week and have many lists and much information about the different brands and motor speeds and cushioning in my head.  Which is probably why it’s so crowded in there.  I’m in a contest with myself to buy the most super amazing treadmill for almost nothing.  I feel very competitive.  This is why I love shopping.  My favorite kind of shopping is car-shopping.  There is nothing like haggling with those people at the end of a sales month.

Today, we made a sporadic purchase.  gasp.  We took the plunge and bought the Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffeepot.  Do not buy this coffeepot anywhere but Costco if you want one.  It is $69 there and ranges from $129-$199 everywhere else.  What the heck?  This research probably would lead you to believe that this purchase was not completely spontaneous, but I promise, it’s about as spontaneous as we get with that sort of thing (Sara can vouch for that).  We finally broke down and bought it because I have been using the grocery store’s coffee grinder in order to grind this coffee that we buy in whole beans from Texas and I’m afraid someone is going to think I’m shop-lifting as I shove the bag of ground coffee back in my diaper bag.  That would be embarrassing.  We were just going to buy a grinder, but our coffee pot has started leaking a lot too.  We use the auto-brew feature because we like to come downstairs in the morning to fresh coffee.  Lately we have been coming downstairs in the mornings to a giant mess.  I am realizing that I spend a great deal of time focusing on coffee.  I will probably always do this.

I just borrowed “Deceptively Delicious” by Jessica Seinfeld and am finding that I already do a lot of the things she talks about (as far as getting vegetables in our food).  I am encouraged!  Those purees that can be frozen will also keep me from ever wasting anymore bulk vegetables from Costco again!

Blake is getting tubes put in his ears on Thursday due to the 6 week long ear infection that no antibiotic has been able to kill.  I know he’s going to feel so much better and that it’s really not that big of a deal, but I still do not have to like it.  So you don’t have to tell me.  I still won’t like it.  I am, however, so ready for Thursday to get here.  He walks around with both fingers in his ears all the time.  I know that fluid is driving him nuts.

I can hear that naptime is over, therefore, so is this blog.


3 thoughts on “Like Sands through the Hourglass…

  1. Okay, here are my opinions.

    As far as the treadmill is concerned, I would probably find the cheapest one period. Because lets face the facts who wants to buy an $800.00 coat rack anyway.

    I will concur with you on the Cuisinart Grind & Brew! Lana and I love ours and it has been in operation for about 2 years now. We haven’t been using at as much since she got pregnant. We both miss it very much. So that gives me two reasons to anxiously await the birth of our little girl. =) Oh, and by the way we bought ours at Macy’s and yes it was $100.00 +. But beware if you happen to be in the kitchen or fall asleep on the couch, the sound of an airplane taking off in your kitchen will scare the bejesus out of you!

    About the only vegetables we buy on bulk are canned corn and edamame from the frozen section. We really need to eat more vegetables. As soon as we get a kitchen, we will.

    Don’t worry too much, I had 4 sets of tubes when I was a child and I turned out fine! =)

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