Husky Diapers?

Ok mothers. My baby is about to outgrow size 6 diapers. For those without kids, this is where diaper sizing appears to end. This is the point at which the nice people at Huggies apparently assume that your child should be old enough to use a toilet. It goes to 2T pull-ups from there. Pull-ups don’t work well with babies. They are made for potty-training. I need diapers. Big ones. I’m afraid I’m about to have to go to the babies “big and tall” store online. BTW. For those of you who used to tell me that the fact that Blake has always been in the 120th percentile in height and weight is just an indication that that chart is outdated and all babies tend to be “off the charts”-I’m starting to think my kid really is bigger than 120% of all children his age. I believe this could be proof. We should all be scared when Blake learns to throw his weight around.


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