Introducing Captain Lovie McLoverson

I have been  meaning to write about Lovie McLoverson for awhile, but, well.  You know how I can procrastinate.  Who is Lovie McLoverson you ask?  Why only Blake’s snuggliest, cuddliest, most sleepy friend.  He’s his lovie!  I had always heard and seen babies pick some sort of “attachment” thing, like a blanket or a teddy bear.  I think it’s great too, it tends to help them soothe themselves in the crib.  And for the longest time while he was an infant, I was pushing my favorite blanket on him, hoping it would be the big winner.  It was this gorgeous Janie and Jack blanket with satin edges and Blake’s name monogrammed on it (courtesy of Amanda’s mother, so sweet!).  What a perfect lovie, right?

During all of this, my dad’s brother, Uncle Robert had asked me what we still needed for B.  I told him we were still desperately trying to find something warm enough for him to sleep in at night.  It was so cold in his room.  So at 2 months old, Blake’s Great Uncle Robert and Aunt Linda gave him this cute little snuggly contraption:


It was the first thing we had found that would keep him warm all night so we put it on him every night over his jammies for the next 8 weeks.  By the time Blake was 4 months old, we were stuffing him into that thing like a sausage.  We even cut the feet out.  When we didn’t put him in it, he would go to sleep so restless and fitful, and he would eventually cry until we put him back in it-usually around 1am.  Finally, in one of my fruitless searches to find a new one in a bigger size, Kelli had a brilliant idea.  “Why don’t you just put it in the crib with him?”  Well, duh.  Why don’t I?

And this is how Captain Lovie McLoverson was born.  He now travels with us everywhere and my son has never slept a night without him since.  Lord help me if we ever lose that thing.  One day it will embarrass him to know that he snuggles with an old pair of pj’s.  But for now, I think its cute.


He rubs that little hand piece all over his face and neck and it just hypnotizes him right to sleep.  Reminds me of Daina and her Lulu.


2 thoughts on “Introducing Captain Lovie McLoverson

  1. You cut the feet out! How ghetto is that? Pretty funny stuff though. And we will also be looking for anything that will help us in any way sleep through the night. The search is on.

  2. It is good to know that sleeper is still so useful …
    my projcection is he will will give it up before he starts school 🙂
    Robert L

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