Rude. Just rude.

So this morning, Blake and I are sitting in the kitchen enjoying our breakfasts and the falling snow outside.  Blake’s having his scrambled eggs and spinach (look out Popeye) and I’m watching the Today Show and eating my granola.  Good times.  Next on Today: America’s Worst Foods.  I enjoy these segments.  I think maybe because they always make me feel a bit self righteous.  Well, duh, of course the double cheese double bacon double meat burger is 1800 calories.  Yes, the salad is not as healthy if you top it with fried onion rings, bacon, cheese, and ranch.  I’m happily munching as the first food comes on: Quaker Natural Granola with Oats, Honey and Raisins.  Gulp.  Not only is that the exact cereal I’m chewing right this moment, but I just bought a bulk of it at Costco.  I become indignant.  Wait, I’m not stupid, I read the nutritional facts before I bought it.  This guy’s spouting off close to 500 calories per bowl, and my bag of cereal says 210.  Then he reminds us that the serving size listed is 1/2 cup.


Really guys?  I don’t measure my cereal, but then I decided to and realized that yes, I usually eat about 1 cup of cereal, and with the milk, that adds up to a 500 calorie BOWL OF CEREAL.  Not to mention 30 grams of sugar, and 12 grams of fat.  That equates to 3 Nestle Crunch Bars.  Awesome.  I could be having multiple ice cream bars for breakfast.  Do you know how long it already takes me to walk through a grocery store and analyze nutritional facts before I buy products?  Please tell me why this industry is incessantly working to sabotage our food?  You have heard me rant about this before, but come on, we should be angry.  Do I have to make EVERYTHING for myself?  I want my money back Quaker looks-so-good-for-you cereal.


3 thoughts on “Rude. Just rude.

  1. Did you watch Oprah today where that “Eat This, Not That” guy said that regular bacon was a better choice than turkey bacon??? Same fat, same calories, more salt in the turkey. Who knew? Bummer about the bulk cereal 😦 I hear homemade granola is way better tasting anyway.

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