11 things on my mind today

1.  This isn’t exactly a newsflash, but I kinda suck at housekeeping.   For the 3rd time in a week, I have started a load of laundry, forgotten about it, and had to wash it again 2 days later when they were discovered.  I’m sure this should be some sort of wake-up call.  Leave it alone Stu.

2.  I find it amusing that the weather.com report keeps saying it’s not going to snow again today, and every time it snows, they change their mind and the forecast says it’s snowing.  Thanks guys.  At this point I’m thinking I could run your website myself.

3.  I do not suck at shopping.  Old Navy had a big clearance sale (extra 50% off all their sale stuff) this weekend and I stocked up on warm clothes for Blake in size 2T (this is the next size up from his 24 month clothes) and saved a fortune.

4.  I got home I tried them on him, only to find out that my 15 month old is going to skip 2T all together and go straight to 3T.  After another trip to Old Navy, I’m now stocked up on 3T clothes.  He is seriously big guys.

5.  Now that my son is walking (still looks a bit drunk, but walking), he is getting hurt all the time.  He has his first black eye from running/falling into the window sill.  It looks like the prettiest purple eyeshadow.

6.  Speaking of eyeshadow, Blake is becoming very interested in my makeup (to Stuart’s chagrin).  He loves all the compacts and tubes and putting them in and out of the makeup bag.  He watches me really carefully and now pretends to put it on his own face.  It’s really cute.  And I’m sure he’ll grow out of it.  (right?)

7. I’m trying to be a person who gives blood regularly and I just think I could be much more charitable if they would provide childcare.

8.  I’m making BBQ chicken and sweet potato fries for dinner using the Williams Sonoma Professional Multi Chopper Stu got me for Christmas.  Pretty thrilling stuff.

9.  I know people going to the inauguration tomorrow and I can’t get far enough away from DC.  Nothing to do with Obama.  Crowds and Controversy make me very nervous.  Not to mention all the road closings in and out of DC.

10.  If you offered to mail me coffee from HEB, I’m all in.  I’m anxiously awaiting my first shipment, but that won’t last forever!!  😉

11.  I’m sad Sam had to go back to New York.


8 thoughts on “11 things on my mind today

  1. Isn’t that funny that we are both waiting on coffee this week…I’m hoping that someone who drives to plano everyday (like my best friend or husband or both) will catch my hints and get that coffee for us…
    maybe I’ll go today after that long blog…you need it…esp. the snow thing…really…they don’t know?

  2. UTC is universal time constant, also known as GWT. Now, if you really want to get confused we can talk MET (mission elapsed time), that will blow your mind…I have seen grown men break down in meetings arguing how to better calculate MET from UTC…

  3. Thanks Stuart. I ended up google searching the term because that is how the time is set up in WordPress and I was trying to set my blog to the correct time. I figured out that my time is UTC -6. So how do you calculate MET? =)

  4. MET is based upon launch time and separation from the launch vehicle. The issue is getting a good time (down to milliseconds) conversion between MET and UTC because it actually matters in determining where you actually are. Men cry over this.

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