One of my favorite things

coffeeWhat would I do without coffee?   Every morning, I wake up and spend a moment or 2 daydreaming about my first cup of the day while Stu gets ready for work and Blake babbles in his crib.  Now that I have been introduced to this coffee, my daydreams are more specific.  Eat your heart out Starbucks, move over Green Mountain.  Taste of Texas Coffee is here.  Specifically, Taste of San Antonio (there is also Taste of the Hill Country, and Taste of Austin I think).  I’m not usually a fan of flavored coffee, but the chocolate and cinnamon flavors in this are so subtle and scrumptious.  Ahhhh.  I had to bring my last bag back from Texas (it’s only sold there at HEB and Central Market), and as I scooped the last bit of it into the coffee maker today, I got serious about getting more.  Apparently, I now order my coffee from Texas.  This my friends, is not economical.


6 thoughts on “One of my favorite things

  1. Sister, that coffee is worth (almost) any shipping fee. It’s good and things that make mommy mornings good…are worth cash. Cold hard cash 😉

    Thanks for introducing it to me. I have to drive to Plano to get it and I’m whining about that 🙂

    Plus, while I’m there I get those ridiculously good toffee, choc. covered almonds…ugggg…

    I miss you…daina

  2. Well, if it is sold at the local HEB here I would be happy to pick up a few pounds and send them to you. We could start our own coffee cartel. 🙂

    I will check next time we go to the store.


  3. That sounds like a yummy way to start the day! In my experience, things in Texas are better. I enjoyed What a Burger (the jr.), the police seem friendly, and the diet cokes were very large. 🙂 Oh and I like you and you’re from Texas!

  4. I know what you mean! I actually get in bed at night and think “Yay! I get to have coffee in the morning!” A little sad, but you do what you gotta do, right?

    I haven’t tried that but since I have an HEB 5 minutes away (oooh, that was mean of me to just type that) I will give it a try. And maybe, just maybe, if you send me your address, I will stick a little care package in the mail for you one day 😉 (you know, to make up for me rubbing it in your face that my HEB is practically next door to me)

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