Grateful Friday

This week, after getting home from our hospital-filled holiday season and my itsy pity party about it all, I have been overwhelmed with a fresh sense of gratitude.   I do try to keep my focus on gratitude, because I think it keeps us grounded in difficult times, but as you all know, life can take over an distract us.  I know that being at home every day with my baby is a gift, and no matter how stir crazy I may become, my time with him is precious.  No matter how much we may concern ourselves with cash-flow and this economic “crisis”, we are more than provided for.

Some dear friends of ours just spent the holidays in Africa, ministering for a week at an orphanage there.  When Stuart asked about the conditions at the orphanage, he stated that locals there viewed the place as a palace.  Orphans in the facility were provided with daily meals and got to go to school.  In this area, that was the height of wealth!  Oh people, can you imagine how God, who has a “world-view” of everything happening, listening to us whine about running out of money for this or that?  We must look ridiculous, when there are people all over the world who wake up and begin wondering how they will eat today.  I woke up and wondered what to eat, and whether I had cream for my coffee.

I hope, no matter what your situation today (and it may be a truly difficult one), you can see that there is still so much to be grateful for.  And, if you are a child of God, if you have chosen to be his, then you can take into account that this life here on earth is short and fleeting when compared to eternity in heaven.  Read Jamie’s blog about it.  Wow.


One thought on “Grateful Friday

  1. I am reminded of a day that has burned itself in my mind for years. I was on my lunch break several years ago and it had been a rough day at the law firm so I was already pretty edgy.

    I went to McDonald’s (your favorite fast food establishment) and I did in fact order chicken nuggets. Now every level-headed person knows that the perfect epicurean combination is chicken McNuggets and McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce. I know, I know, enough with the chicken nuggets. Well, your blog just happened to remind me of this story that just so happened to involve chicken nuggets. Which was either a weird twist of faith or a signal that I eat too many chicken nuggets too often. You decide. I digress.

    The point of the story is that I was in a hurry and I grabbed my food from the lady in the window and jetted back to the den of inequity that was and still is Reaud, Morgan and Quinn. While in route i excitedly opened my bag to find that the very last thing I ever wanted to see when I order chicken mcnuggets…BARBECUE SAUCE! I was instantly furious. Like I said I was already pretty edgy and this little mistake sent me over the edge. I wanted to go back and get sweet and sour, but there wasn’t time. So I proceeded to cuss the lady in my head and wonder why everything was going wrong that day. Then I just happened to look over my left shoulder to see what appeared to be a homeless man in a wheelchair watching another homeless man dig through a dumpster behind a gas station. I instantly felt ashamed.

    I couldn’t believe that I was so angry over the wrong sauce and here were two people that would be happy just to eat someone elses scraps. I honestly felt like crying because I was so ashamed. I pulled over and handed them the bag of nuggets and a couple of bucks and then returned to work. On the way from the gas station to the office I prayed for forgiveness for being so wrapped up in non important things.

    That remains in the back of my head and every time I start to get angry about trivial things I try to remember just how great I really have it. So to comment on your blog, I think it is healthy, both physically and spiritually, to not sweat the small stuff. Pardon the cliche’. So I would like to say that I am so very grateful for everything in my life that God has provided for me. A beautiful and loving wife, soon to be the new mother of the year (sorry.) I am blessed with loving and supportive parents and a great brother who is always willing to help me out any way he can for whatever I may need him.

    Lana and I were also blessed with, without a doubt, the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for. We have friends that are willing to buy expensive plane tickets just to fly down from Maryland to sing in our wedding after having done the same for our other great friends just 2 or 3 months earlier. We have always remembered that and will continue too. It really meant a lot for you to do that and we are so very happy yall were able to share our happiest day.

    Thus, I would like to thank God again for the life he has blessed me with. And I would like for you to know that we are thankful for yall being such great friends. Of course that means Daina too. She has become just as good of a friend as yall are! We love you guys and we miss you!

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