First blog of 2009!

I was putting this one off in order to come up with something monumental to write about.  But then I realized that you don’t come here for monumental, right?  You come here to listen to me dramatically exaggerate mundane daily activities.  On with it then.

*Important note.  I have a ginormous bandage on my middle finger due to nearly severing it in a terrible beef stew accident.  (speaking of exaggerating, right?) My typing is labored.  Please excuse it.  BTW: The beef stew rocked.

Anyways, since everyone insists on harping about New Year’s resolutions, I have succumbed to the guilt.  I must improve myself.  Become a better person.  One thing I will NOT resolve to do this year is lose weight.  I find it makes me incredibly grumpy.  And I’m kind of hoping some sort of reverse psychology thing will kick in and by resolving NOT to, my body will rebel and the pounds will fall off.

Resolution #1: I resolve to getting back to more cooking and the use of REAL food in my family’s diet (aka: avoiding food that has been processed to death in order to make it more convenient, cheaper, lower in calories , carbs, or fat, or “more nutritious”).  We will get back to eating food in the form that God intended it.  You can see my opinions on this here, and the book where I got my info is there too.

Resolution #2:  I resolve to do some things for myself this year.  Last year was my first full year as a stay at home mother and wife, and I kind of got lost in it.  I have truly loved it, and still do, but I need a couple of things in my life that are mine and are independent of mothering.  Stu has always been encouraging and willing to help in this, but I have truly not been able to relax and relinquish control until now.  So, this year Stu is moving up to the A Team!  He’s got Blake all to himself for 2 nights out of the week while I pursue other fulfilling activities.

Resolution #3:  I need to be a better housekeeper.  I hate cleaning.  Luckily, my husband is very good at it.  But I need to do better. Wish me luck.

Now, I mostly put these out there because of the peer pressure.  So don’t get all crazy with the accountability.  Let’s not get carried away.



5 thoughts on “First blog of 2009!

  1. thoses are awesome resolutions. you are way ahead of me. i would love sometime to myself but with jason working for himself there is none. we haven’t gotten to know alot of people here in the small small small town of cuero, texas so hanging with the girls is null and void. we just recently meet a few young girls that we trust enough to babysit so hopefully we can use them even if it is for us to go out to eat.

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